Flower of the Week, 19th March.

Daffodils are now in bloom in North West England. Although it’s now meteorological spring there isn’t much else in the way of colour so far. Patience is important at this time of year.

Mechanical Mayhem.

I was hoping to call this post something like “Serious Training” but the Trek Fuel EX8 mountain bike had other ideas. Each year I set myself a few riding challenges to make sure that I maintain my fitness, though now in my 60s(!) I’m maybe more keen to not let my abilities fade too quickly.Continue reading “Mechanical Mayhem.”

Building my new boat.

I’d love to be out on my mountain bike today but it’s snowing so I probably won’t get out. At least I have something else to do in terms of building my new boat. I built my first boat 2 years ago and naturally, as a cyclist, wanted it to be pedal powered. The dinghyContinue reading “Building my new boat.”

Staying local.

I read a comment on Strava by someone who’s progress I follow. It pointed out that the trails in Brinscall Woods are running near perfect and, being my favourite local riding, I was tempted. It takes around 45 minutes to reach the top of the woods for your first downhill so I chose instead toContinue reading “Staying local.”

Short but sweet.

I’ve been continuing to work hard on some non mountain biking projects which has left my leg muscles feeling somewhat jaded. I’ve sold the pedal powered dinghy which I built in 2021 and have engaged on the build of an exciting new boat. The building process is very physical but I’m enjoying the process, whichContinue reading “Short but sweet.”

What a treat!

The weather in Northern England can change rapidly. It’s often like 4 seasons in one day! Our town of Chorley in Lancashire is actually said to be the second cloudiest place in Britain, probably due to our local hill, Healey Nab, trapping the cloud over the town as it spills in from the coast. ThisContinue reading “What a treat!”

Working too hard?

I’ve been laying paving edges and slabs for a couple of weeks and it’s been hard work. I’ve really felt the effects in the muscles, especially in my back and around the hips. What better, then, than to ride my mountain bike to give the muscles a stretch? I didn’t want a mammoth ride withContinue reading “Working too hard?”

It must be spring!

After a few weeks with very little rain the mountain bike trails have dried up considerably. Today we even had a very acceptable temperature of 11 Celcius and some gentle sunshine. Unfortunately, after laying paving edges and slabs over the last week I was feeling a little fatigued so a big ride was out ofContinue reading “It must be spring!”

Flower of the Week, 11th February.

We’re seeing the first signs of our garden awakening after the winter. Snowdrops above and a helibore below. Another sign of awakening is that we’re starting some hard landscaping. It’s been surprisingly hard on the leg muscles but I’m trying not to let it interfere with my mountain biking.

Time to train.

I noticed on the app. Strava that I’d only ridden my mountain bike 4 times so far in January so yesterday, the 24th, I knew it was time to train. I like to maintain my fitness year round but this winter has brought us some snow and ice which has impacted on my riding. TheContinue reading “Time to train.”

Nicely icy!

Today’s mountain bike ride was never going to be a big training ride, I just needed to get out after 6 days without riding. We’ve had another cold, frosty period but the smattering of snow has disappeared. The road outside our house never gets salted and was so treacherous that I turned onto the mainContinue reading “Nicely icy!”

Riding in wet weather.

We’ve had an awful lot of rain in the 6 days since my last ride. The local trails would be very wet so not only was this unlikely to provide the usual level of entertainment but could also damage the trail. I wanted some exercise but don’t enjoy riding on the road on a mountainContinue reading “Riding in wet weather.”