Riding in the snow.

Since my last ride we’ve had a couple of days with some snow. Temperatures since Saturday have hovered around freezing but by this afternoon could have climbed to 12 celcius, though this may be a brief respite from the cold. I walked the dog this morning and found that further into Duxbury Woods the groundContinue reading “Riding in the snow.”

Hill climb training.

The weather was rather gloomy today. It was overcast and whilst it wasn’t exactly raining I could feel tiny drops of water in the air as I started my ride. I thought today that I’d concentrate on some hill climbs which, whilst short, are very steep. This is the kind of terrain which differentiates mountainContinue reading “Hill climb training.”

Winter training.

I’m sure that some mountain bikers will reduce their riding in winter merely to avoid unpleasant weather and ground conditions. I’m lucky that due to the maritime climate in the north west of England we are rarely unable to ride. I don’t want to allow my fitness to fall during winter and then need toContinue reading “Winter training.”

A ride of two halves.

I thought for a while, whilst walking the dog, about where I should ride my mountain bike today. I decided on a mainly off road route but in two distinct halves. I joined the Leeds/Liverpool canal near home to ride north to the village of Wheelton. I’ve really gained a new appreciation of this fabulousContinue reading “A ride of two halves.”

A good training ride.

The windy weather was bound to have dried the mountain biking trails, at least in the open. I thought it would be good to ride to the top of Great Hill today but not to use my favourite woodland trails on the descent. Instead I’d continue across the open moorland before committing to a particularContinue reading “A good training ride.”

The bike for winter.

I have a Trek Fuel EX8 mountain bike which I inherited from my son. It has 29″ wheels and 120 mm of suspension travel at each end. The picture above is from early this year when I was last using it. It’s a 2014 model which was a time of transition in mountain bike design.Continue reading “The bike for winter.”

Cross training.

By choice I’ve tended to use only my mountain bike for training for many years. I had a restaurant business until 2012 and since then I’ve had the ability to ride in daylight hours so there has been no need to supplement mountain biking with other training. Before 2012 I’d often do a midweek runContinue reading “Cross training.”

A video of my boat!

It’s a small world. I’ve had a message from James Cameron-Clarke who is someone I’ve never met. He had watched a Youtube video about a trip by a narrow boat along the canal near where I live. James lives in Blackburn about 10 miles from my home town of Chorley and he realised that he’sContinue reading “A video of my boat!”

An old school ride.

With autumn undeniably with us I have to consider the likely trail conditions before every ride. I remembered back to around 25 years ago when I’d ride with my mates to Rivington and particularly the western flanks of Winter Hill. We’d ride the area at weekends right through the winter so surely it would beContinue reading “An old school ride.”

A boat based workout.

My homemade pedal powered boat had been close to perfect but I couldn’t pedal quickly enough. This was barely making me breathe but stressing the leg muscles so I knew it would be difficult to cover longer distances on the canal where I sail. I added a chain and sprockets to double the pedalling speedContinue reading “A boat based workout.”