Last week I had a good week of activity with 2 mountain bike rides and a trip in my pedal powered boat. Today the weather was good after some early drizzle. The TV news has mentioned a hot start to July but that must only apply to the southern regions. We’ve had daily maxima inContinue reading “Choices.”

Flower of the Week, 3rd July.

We don’t have much in the way of colour themes in our garden, preferring to mix all kinds of colours together. At the moment, though, we have some strong yellow flowers in various parts of the garden.

Testing my new tyre.

The rear tyre of my Boardman FS Pro mountain bike was worn out, with virtually no tread in the middle. It might seem as if this wouldn’t matter so much in dry, summer conditions but it does. In north west England we can get mud after summer rain. Also you need grip at any timeContinue reading “Testing my new tyre.”

Flower of the Week, 26th June.

Foxgloves contain a heart stimulant, digitalis, which can be extremely dangerous. They are a biennial so flower in their second season, though sometimes will survive to flower again. They produce tiny seeds prolifically and seem to prefer a dry and harsh environment.

Flower of the Week, 22nd June.

Plenty is happening in the garden at the moment. We bought Galenia Trifoliata last year and it’s thriving in partial shade. Fox and cubs prefers full sun and the flowers close by early evening. Our water lilies also like the sun, whilst the goldfish beg for food.

Fabulous Friday.

I rode my mountain bike on Friday and it was a fabulous ride. On Wednesday I’d felt really tired on what should have been an easy enough ride and I still don’t know why that was. On Friday things went well with me back to my expected energy level. I wanted to include a downhillContinue reading “Fabulous Friday.”

Riding skills.

Before my mountain bike ride today I read some pages in the magazine Mountain Bike Rider (MBR) about riding skills, particularly on the subject of jumping the bike. Jumps can be intimidating to riders and way back I’m not sure if the majority of riders, including myself, had much in the way of technique. IContinue reading “Riding skills.”

Italjet Dragster 200.

A change from my usual subject matter, I’m using my blog to review the new Italjet Dragster scooter. I’ve been on the road with motorcycles since 1978 but converted my interest to scooters in 1999. The scooter culture in the UK holds old Lambrettas at the pinnacle but having tried all kinds of scooters IContinue reading “Italjet Dragster 200.”

Canal Cruising.

Due to unpredictable weather and various commitments over the Platinum Jubilee weekend I haven’t exercised for 5 days. I’ve been keen to sail my pedal powered dinghy for quite a while and I finally managed it today. I’d hoped to sail for longer than my usual trip which takes 47 minutes most of the timeContinue reading “Canal Cruising.”

Flower of the Week, 4th June.

Hostas do flower but are grown mainly for their foliage, which appears in many shades and patterns. They prefer a fairly shady environment which we have at the far end of out back garden. The leaves are shaped to channel rain water to the roots.

Riding Ben Nevis.

I’ve heard of riders “Everesting” on a bike. That is to climb the height of Mount Everest at 29,028 feet, in a single road ride. I’m not at a stage in my life where I could contemplate such a feat and I wouldn’t want to do a long road ride in any case. I decidedContinue reading “Riding Ben Nevis.”