A wet ride.

Today I set out at around 11.30am. I decided to ride my Boardman FSPro. It’s a good FS bike, if a little heavy. Today was a recovery ride. Recovering, that is, from a cold which has kept me off the bike for 5 days. I’ve noticed some trails only a few miles away on Strava, so I thought I’d better have a look. It’s amazing that after riding the area for 30 years I still don’t know every trail. I did some decent segment times even in the wet weather. It didn’t rain during the ride but the ground was muddy.

1 h 28 min of riding and 12.28 miles with 816 feet of climbing. I enjoyed it. My rather sad competitiveness has got me thinking that I can vastly improve today’s times.

Every time I look at a Strava segment I seem to notice the same name. He’s becoming like a nemesis! Lets refer to him as “Dave”. His name is always above mine on the list of competitors (well, only riders actually). This situation must not continue.

That’s a good sign that Strava is a good motivational tool. For anyone who’s being living on Mars for the past few years Strava is a cycling and athletics app. which takes your GPS trace from a phone or other GPS tracker, puts it on a map and then compares your time to those of other users on segments. You’ll be lucky to ride your bike anywhere without recording a dozen segments. I think today I did 16. A couple of these will need me to ride them again only much quicker this time. I’ll probably wait until the spring.

My next ride will hopefully be at the weekend. Probably I’ll just ride my local hill, Healey Nab near Chorley.

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