Typical winter ride.

It’s not really winter yet but I don’t expect dry trails until April. Mud can be OK. I rode Healey Nab because I know it will always be rideable whatever the weather has been. It’s a hill of about 680 feet and has a number of purpose built MTB trails. They’re typical of man made trails in that every corner is a berm. No flat corners for 2 wheeled drifting. That’s why I often ride the red route climb as my last downhill. Not being intended for riding as a downhill it’s more like a natural trail and has some amazing corner combinations.

Today I just did 3 laps mixing between the red and black routes. It was not a ride I’ll remember for long. I had no targets, I was just riding around. Some decent Strava segments but in the damp conditions I’m not likely to break any records.

At least running Strava keeps you trying when you might otherwise back off. For my next ride I need a target to aim for to keep the excitement up. I’d better go wash the bike now!

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