Wetter than an otter’s pocket!

I couldn’t ride on Friday so it’s been 5 days since my last ride. It’s a shame because Friday was fairly dry but we’ve had a lot of rain since. I thought about a road ride but they don’t really appeal, so I rode Healey nab.

I covered 9.46 miles but only really did one full lap. I enjoyed sliding around looking for the grippy bits. There’s no point in obsessing about times in these conditions and I was quite surprised that my lap took 15min 14 sec compared to my best time this summer of 11min 12sec. I’m hoping to get under 11 minutes in 2019 but the temptation is always to copy others and take short cuts. I consider myself an honest person but since no one will ever know I cheated, well you know how it is.

When I do make an attempt at a really fast time next summer I will have to make sure I give myself the best chance. Not only by taking the shortcuts but also by choosing the best bike for the job. Last summers riding seemed to confirm what I’ve always suspected, that my 14 year old classic bikes are faster round a circuit than a modern trail bike. This is partly down to less tyre drag from narrower 26″ wheels and also due to the best front suspension of all time on my classic Whyte bikes. That’s my justification for having 2 of them. What’s the point in having anything else if it only holds you back?

Today the justification for riding a modern bike was because of the better weather proofing of the bushes and bearings, which tend to be more vulnerable on older bikes.

I’m hoping to ride on Thursday but haven’t planned anything yet.whyte-prst-4

The Whyte PRST4. The front wheel has to move in a “J” shaped travel path. Because it has to move backwards before it can move up to compress the suspension it means that if you apply your weight to the handle bars you are trying to squeeze the wheel forwards, therefore you won’t compress the shock absorber. This means that you don’t waste energy in the spring and damper so more energy is left to propel you forwards. Why telescopic forks weren’t made obsolete by this technology is anyone’s guess. Any ideas?

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