First ride since Christmas.

Clicking on the link above should give you more information than you could possibly want about today’s ride! Just click on the map for the details.

It was good to get out today but with the rain we’ve had recently there were only 2 realistic choices of places to ride. I chose Healey Nab instead of Birkacre because I thought there would be too many dog walkers at Birkacre.  Almost 11 miles and over 1000 feet of climbing. I saw a few other riders there today since most people are still on holiday.

I managed the full red route in 14min 34 sec. It’s not that I was trying particularly hard but my improvement over recent efforts is possibly down to a different way around the fallen trees which have been blocking the trail for most of the year.

I haven’t had time to wash the bike yet so I’ll have to do it in the morning. The winter really takes it’s toll on a bike which is why I don’t like to ride my classics at this time of year. Still, in 8 weeks it may be spring but I can keep my enthusiasm up in the mean time by riding th drier trails and leaving the muddiest places for spring.

The best part of today’s ride, which had 3downhill segments, was the last downhill. Typically this was not a purpose built MTB trail. It was riding a climb in the “wrong” direction. The corners are technical and flat, not manmade berms. You get the chance to slide the wheels around, the nirvana of mountain biking, as I’ve mentioned before.

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