Back to my roots!

Not a tale of my origins in Yorkshire but a great ride this afternoon to Brinscall Woods. The picture at the top shows a few roots at the bottom of a fantastic downhill section. It has loads of exposed roots and some big drop offs where the ground has eroded under the tree roots. It’s also quite rocky. Excellent riding with some real challenges. I realised when I walked my dog Freddie this morning that the conditions had dried up considerably so knew it was time to go a bit further afield on my ride and enjoy some different riding to Healey Nab and Birkacre.

I used a mainly off road route to get to White Coppice then took the very tricky trail to the bottom of the woods. Riding it in both directions without a foot down is one of my aims for the year (and every year). I did it on the way out. There is still a little dampness but nothing too difficult. The most difficult part is getting round a big rock on a steep climb with rocks on the ground to halt your progress. Below is a picture from my ride back later just as I was about to drop down past the rock which is to the right.IMG_20190215_131549

After that it’s a fire road climb through the woods, a short, steep bit of tarmac which ends where a gravel road up the moor starts. The open, treeless moor is a very British sight, caused by grazing sheep which eat any saplings. I then turned right to descend on a piece of single track with plenty of loose rocks. Exciting, high speed stuff followed by the rooty woodland downhill which ends at the top picture.IMG_20190215_131558

Back along the technical section I was feeling tired but that’s no excuse! I failed from the first steep climb, losing traction on the damp surface and putting a foot down. At least I then didn’t mind stopping to take photos.

After a mainly gravel route I went up the back of Healey Nab and found the red route downhill feeling very quick in drier conditions. Spring is on it’s way. Bring it on!

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