2 challenges.

It’s good to have a challenge or 2 on a ride. It adds interest and gives your ride purpose. Yesterday I tried to achieve 2 things which were to ride from White Coppice to Brinscal woods and back without a foot down. The second was to do a fast lap or Healey Nab red route.

I soon made a mistake from White Coppice. I got around the big rock but didn’t commit quickly enough when faced with a smaller rock right in front of me. After that I rode the rest of the route out but made the same mistake as my last attempt on the way back and spun the wheel on the first steep climb. I also failed on the next steep rooty section. It’s a hard challenge but I’ll have the occasional go at it without getting obsessive, I hope!

A fast ride around Healey Nab needs good pacing. You can’t push yourself too hard at any point but must have given your all by the end. I was pleased with my time which, as you can see from the picture at the top, was the fastest this year on Strava. I’ve mentioned before that sub 11 minutes is an aim for this year. It’s amazing how fully dry conditions improve your speed so I’ll keep trying.

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