Great Hill. A great ride.

Today I thought for a long time about where I should ride. I considered Rivington, which has plenty of choice of popular rides. I also thought about some other local riding, relearning some old trails ready to ride them when the weather dries up.

I finally decided to ride Great Hill because it is an open area so I thought it had more chance of being dry. I was tired after some gardening this morning and a dog walk but didn’t intend to set any records. I rode the technical section from White Coppice which I have already ridden twice recently, once with a foot down and once clean. I managed it without a foot down today so was happy with that.

I got to the start of a long climb to the top of Great Hill. A Strava segment, “Great Hill, out and back” looked like a difficult proposition but once the chequered flag dropped I started to work at it. I’ve only ridden the segment once before using Strava to log my progress and afterwards was able to check how my 2 attempts compared.

Basically I was a lot slower on the climb, due to the wetter conditions, but faster on the return. I ended 10 seconds slower today.

I avoided the technical section from the woods to White Coppice on the return because I just didn’t see me succeeding with the wet ground and my exhaustion.

It was a great ride and I can’t wait to have a go at some of the segments as the weather dries up in spring.




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