Whyte PRST1 shock bolt removal.

I’ve received a question on this subject from Dudley, who posted the question in the feedback section of my WordPress page. I can’t find a way to reply but if any WordPress users know I’d love to hear what I can do. I received an Email with a “do not reply” address which I copied and sent to but I don’t suppose he’ll get that message.

If Dudley reads this, though, I think I can help. He’s trying to remove a front shock absorber bolt, which can only be shifted one way. If you try to push it out the wrong way you’ll never move it! Hope you get this info, Dudley and to anyone else who reads this I apologise. I’ve almost certainly wasted your reading time!


PS. You’re better to leave a comment after a post, rather than feedback.


  1. Richard Evens says:

    Enjoying your blog.
    Actually a really helpful post; as after today’s shake down ride at QE2 Country Park in the South Downs I find I urgently need to replace the front lower swing arm bearings and GLSX10 spherical bearing on my, new to me, (old) PRST 1. How do you take the shock off so I can release the swinging arm?
    Also do you have any thoughts on brake upgrades? My bike has shimano calipers and 160 rotors and while I know you have to be careful not to over-brake a PRST 1 to avoid front suspension bottoming out – they seem a bit feable compared to the Avid set up on my 905 or the 203 set up on my son’s Santa Cruz Superlight?
    Thanks for your help.
    Regards Richard


    1. kirkmtb says:

      Hi Richard. If you’ve read my latest post you’ll have seen that I rode in the south downs last Friday! On my son’s Trek 29er. As I said, the shock bolt only comes out one way so it’s pretty easy to remove once you know that. A grub screw holds the spherical bearing in place and when removed they just drop out. Whyte sell a kit of all the bushes but it’s £165! I’m sure the bushes are available from a bearing factor for much less. I got a PB10 spherical from BRT bearings.
      I put some low end Shimano brakes on my JW4 and just bought adaptors to convert from IS to post fit, so you just need a bracket to match the disc size. Then you can use any modern caliper and disc combo.
      A lot of riders set sag in the shocks but if you have air shocks your pressures should be body weight in lbs, rear, and 75% body weight front. That way you avoid bobbing when you pedal. With a coil shock set the preload high so you don’t get any significant compression when you put your body weight on the bike.
      I was supposed to be riding the Mary Towneley Loop tomorrow on the JW4 but it’s due to piss it down so I’m calling it off. It’s 47 off road miles and 6,500 feet of ascent, perfect for an old Whyte,


      1. Anonymous says:

        Hi Andrew
        That’s great thanks. For anyone else looking for PRST bearings I have sourced the spherical bearing from Autosport Bearings for £11.52 plus vat. Kp6ax from AireVelo.
        Regards. Richard

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