I couldn’t ride my bike today.

I’d intended to go out for a bike ride after I’d walked my dog, Freddie. I have to walk him every day, regardless of my bike riding plans and enjoy my relaxing time with him. A lot of people have bought dogs since the first Covid 19 lockdown and it has pushed puppy prices way up. I hope that the new owners have thought dog ownership out fully. Dogs never have a day off from being doggy so neither can we. It was again dry, if a little cool and cloudy early on. We walked by our most familiar route to Duxbury Woods where we soon heard some bad news. A white Scottie dog, Billy, had gone missing. He’d been with some professional dog walkers, Furry Faces, who I speak to regularly. Helen was very upset and naturally I said I’d have a good look for him.

We walked halfway down the woodland by the river and back by a more secluded path. My thoughts turned to the tragic increase in dog theft which we keep hearing about which has been fuelled by the increase in dog values. I prayed that this was not the case with Billy. I got back towards the car park and they were still searching for him so I said I’d do an extra loop. I thought how I’d feel if Freddie was missing so resolved to take a much longer walk in the more remote parts of the woods. I’d been out for about 2 hours since I left home when I reached the cars again and he’d still not been found. I told Helen where I’d looked and said I didn’t think I could do much more so left to go home.

As I passed a young woman who I‘d seen talking to Helen she answered her phone and burst into tears. I knew it would be good news. I’m not sure where he’d turned up but at least he’s safe. Filled with gladness we walked back home, Freddie hungry after his extra long walk. I’ll wait until tomorrow to ride. It’s not important compared to a missing dog.

Freddie overlooking a part of his terrain, post walk.


  1. idlecyclist says:

    Lovely wee dog. So glad Billy was found, don’t know what I would do if our dog went missing 😔

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  2. crustytuna says:

    Glad Billy was found! Freddie seems like a sweet character.. 🙂

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