Boating with my son.

My son Dylan is home for the weekend. He’s always wanted to shoe horses and had to move 270 miles away to do so but he was half way home after a college block so came to see us. He has a kayak and was keen to try the boat.

We covered a few miles taking it in turns to go in the boat and I even had the dog, Freddie, on board. He seemed to like it but I think without assistance it would be difficult to handle him so I’m not sure that it’s something I’ll repeat on my own. I have had a notchy feel at one point in the pedal rotation and had made adjustments to try to cure it but it was still there. Whilst Dylan was sailing I realised that it was caused by flexing in one of the rods which connects the pedals to the paddle wheel. I need to stiffen it up and have a plan so performance and feel should improve. It goes along easily at a good walking pace, which is all I ever aimed for.

Dylan is much taller than me so was a little cramped up.
A private mooring is nearby.

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