Man flu.

It’s a well known fact that what may be a trifling cold to a woman is a serious case of influenza to a man. Personally I haven’t had a cold since well before the Covid crisis so it must be getting on for 2 years. This suggests that all the social distancing and mask wearing has been effective at preventing the spread of respiratory viruses like Covid and the common cold. In fact last winter real influenza was non existent in Britain, saving 8 to 15 thousand lives. Our son visited us for a few days at the end of last week and over the weekend and whilst he was here he developed a cold. Naturally he tested for Covid but the test was negative, then he has passed the cold on to me. I have the classic range of symptoms including moaning about it and feeling dreadfully sorry for my self but my big worry is the effect on my fitness.

I’m planning a big ride and before our recent holiday felt I was ready to face the challenge of around 5,000 feet of ascent, all off road, but I’ve let my fitness deteriorate a little. Last year my big ride was delayed in April due to the Covid lockdown, then we had a wet summer so it took me until September, when we got a dry spell, to do the ride. It seems as if a variety of different reasons are delaying me again this year, which is a shame. The weather is ideal at the moment with sunny days and drying ground. It will be hard enough to do all that climbing on dirt in dry conditions. With wet ground it would greatly increase the difficulty. After 2 days of the most pitiful suffering I’m definitely not ready to ride today but hope I can ease back into exercise tomorrow, probably with a pedal powered boat trip rather than a mountain bike ride. Another annoyance is the boredom factor. I’m used to my regular routine of exercise and, especially since I don’t feel too bright, am struggling to fill my days. At least I’ve still got the garden to enjoy. It’s looking great and our goldfish have bred, doubling our fish population. Maybe life isn’t so bad.

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