My Covid booster.

I booked my Covid 19 booster a while a go when the rules were that you had to have a 6 month gap since your second vaccination. Now the gap has been reduced to 3 month. I had no effects from my first vaccination but my second had left me feeling tired for an evening. This time, though, having had the injection at around 9.30 am, I started to feel tired and feverish in the evening. By half past nine I’d had enough and went to bed unprecendentedly early. I had flu like symptoms overnight but wasn’t nearly as ill as I was on the one occasion in my life that I had real flu, rather than a cold. I developed a tickly throat and had a full 12 hours of restless sleep.

Paracetamol in the middle of the night and this morning has been a big help and now I feel like I’m more or less over the problem. I’m not well enough for a mountain bike ride, that will have to wait, even though I haven’t ridden for 5 days. After riding on Tuesday we went to north Wales on Wednesday for a friend’s 60th birthday. The area is popular for mountain biking but there was no chance of me taking a bike. We walked our dog, Freddie, by the sea instead and introduced him to our friend’s new dog, Honey. They lost their 13 year old border collie earlier in the year and got Honey about a month ago. She’s another border collie and is very cute at 13 weeks old. It’s important that the 2 dogs get on well so our tactic was to keep both on a lead and not let Freddie have free reign to play even though he was clearly keen. I should be able to ride tomorrow.


  1. sailawaywithchelle says:

    I am getting my booster this Friday; I’m feeling quite anxious about it as I had terrible symptoms after the 2nd shot (I was fine after the first one). Glad you’re feeling better and will be able to ride again soon! Happy Holidays!


    1. kirkmtb says:

      Your experience sounds the same as mine. I can only hope that a worse reaction indicates better protection from the virus.


      1. sailawaywithchelle says:

        That’s what I’m hoping it is, too — that my immune system is responding. Curious, which vaccine did you get, btw? I had Pfizer.


      2. kirkmtb says:

        My first 2 were Astrazeneca but the booster was Pfizer. They believe that you get better protection by mixing vaccines. Good news is that I feel back to normal this morning.


      3. sailawaywithchelle says:

        Oh, wow, I hadn’t heard of that before — about mixing the vaccines for better protection. Interesting! They’ve been telling us, here, that we need to use the same vaccine as we had before. I am glad that you’re feeling better and back to normal! When I had the 2nd shot, I was very ill for the first two days, then it took about a week before I felt back to normal. I am feeling pretty anxious, but I’ll hold steadfast to knowing that I’ll get better, it will just take some time.

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