Back on the bike after a week.

I’ve been away to Europe on a scooter with 6 others and had a great time, which I’m currently writing an account of. I was glad to get home, though, and the next day was able to get out on my mountain bike. I last rode the day before I went away but that was only a few, not too strenuous miles, around and into town with no off road riding. I didn’t know what effect a lack of hard riding would have on me so thought it best to not push myself too hard on yesterdays ride. I wanted some excitement in my ride so chose to ride to Brinscall Woods for my very favourite downhill.

I felt quite good when I set off on a short uphill road section but kept the pace down, taking a little under 50 minutes to reach the top of the woods. We’d had some rain in the morning and the ground was damp which added a slithery thrill to the downhill which followed. It may only be a 3 minute descent but in that time you encounter around 40 corners and other obstacles, which makes the descent intense and always absorbing. Nothing else in the World exists as you plummet down the trail with the adrenaline pumping. What could be more exciting?

I hadn’t worked as hard as I often do on a ride of under 90 minutes so I still had plenty left in the tank for the ride back over Healey Nab. I climbed the back of the hill quicker than I have in a long time and had the reward of a good and varied descent towards town and home. I found in the evening that I’d allowed myself to become rather dehydrated and got savage cramps down the back of my thighs. Drinking plenty of water cured me but it may also have been an effect from the break from my usual level of regular exercise. It was good to be back.

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