A classic mountain bike and classic cars.

Today in our town of Chorley in Lancashire a classic car show was held in Astley Park. I thought the best way to get there, since my wife wasn’t going to go, was by bicycle. It had to be a classic, surely, so I used my 1996 Proflex Attack LE. 26 years ago cars we’re somewhat different to today’s cars but mountain bikes were vastly different to contemporary offerings. Full suspension was not at all common back then and the Proflex was one of the very first budget full suspension bikes with serious off road capabilities. The original front fork was poor so I replaced it with a home fabricated homage to the Girvin Vector which was specified on the higher spec. bikes in the range.

There were lots of cars on show going way back to the 1920s but others brought back childhood memories aplenty.

Morris minors were made in their millions.
The wonderful Citroën DS, originating in 1955.
My friend Cheryl’s hand painted work of art, a Lambretta scooter.

And finally 2 cars of types which I’ve owned, a Jaguar XJS, though mine was a coupe, not a convertible. Also an MGBGT, in far better condition than my 1972 example.

At 21 celcius it was pleasantly warm on the bike.

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