Canal Cruising.

Due to unpredictable weather and various commitments over the Platinum Jubilee weekend I haven’t exercised for 5 days. I’ve been keen to sail my pedal powered dinghy for quite a while and I finally managed it today. I’d hoped to sail for longer than my usual trip which takes 47 minutes most of the time so after dragging the boat on wheels to the Leeds/Liverpool canal, which takes 15 minutes each way, I headed north.

I was trying to keep the pace down but it seems a less valuable activity if it has less training value. I can see from the analysis on the app. Strava that my speed generally rose as time went by. I sailed towards a juvenile Swan which was not brave enough to let me pass and took flight. When I’d turned around to return to my start point a less nervous gaggle of geese, with a number of this years goslings, eyed me curiously.

It’s a family affair for the local geese.

Encounters with wildlife including birds and waterside plants are some of the big attractions of being on the water. I steered towards several things like water lillies and irises for a closer look. I returned past my start point until I could see a particular bridge, which I used as my cue to make the last turn.

Back at my start I sailed under a bridge to pull the boat out of the water where I wouldn’t get stung by nettles. The higher bank meant I needed a big effort which caused my tired legs to cramp. Stuck with the boat still half in the water I was lucky that a friendly cyclist spotted my distress and helped me to complete the task.

I covered 2.29 miles at a slightly slower than normal 2.4 mph. If the only interest in sailing was speed then it might have seemed disappointing but the other attractions of life on the water made it a fulfilling experience. I was tired as I pulled the boat home and hope for a sunnier sail soon.

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  1. sailawaywithchelle says:

    Glad to see you were able to get out on your boat!

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