Close to launching my new boat.

I’ve been working on my boat again today, between dog walks, and I’m clise to finishing. I may launch tomorrow! I’m excited but there’s a certain trepidation. I’ll be higher above the water than I was in the dinghy so even with more buoyancy it may feel more “lively”. In addition the paddles which propel it and the rudder are merely best guesses so may not be effective. It’s heavier than the dinghy but rolled easily enough when packed up for transport. Still, it may be hard to drag out of the water around 40 cm below the canal bank.

I need to finish the rudder mechanism, fit the paddles, finish the pedals and that’s about it.

Ready to move to the canal. Almost.

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  1. Chelle Heart says:

    Excited for you! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

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