The training ride before the big one.

I'd planned a ride before my big challenge for the year which is to ride the Mary Towneley Loop. It's 47 miles with 6,500 feet of climbing, almost exclusively off road. So today I did that longer training ride even though I may not be able to do the Mary Towneley in April due to … Continue reading The training ride before the big one.

A great way to motivate yourself.

Today the weather is lovely and sunny but after a dog walk I felt a little tired, not particularly motivated to do a ride. Coronavirus actually made me change my first plan. I thought that I'd boost my enthusiasm if I set a challenge and considered doing 5 laps of my training circuit at Birkacre. … Continue reading A great way to motivate yourself.


I haven't contracted Coronavirus, yet, but some estimates have 80% of us catching the disease before it's run it's course. Despite this, and even if I don't contract the disease or the symptoms are so mild I don't notice it, it may still affect my mountain biking. You could say that it's selfish, when untold … Continue reading Coronavirus.

A good training ride.

For a variety of reasons I haven't ridden for 5 days so was keen to get a good ride in today to maintain my fitness. With Healey Nab out of action for training I decided to ride to the top of Great Hill, especially concentrating on the Strava segment "Great Hill, out and back". I … Continue reading A good training ride.

Still finding new trails after all these years!

    I’ve often thought that I knew every trail within easy reach of home. Sometimes, though, I’ve ridden along with someone new and they’ve shown me a trail I didn’t know. Within the last year I’ve been surprised to discover several trails in places I’ve been riding forever. Today I did a little exploration … Continue reading Still finding new trails after all these years!

Draining the tank!

You could just jump on a bike and maintain the same speed until you couldn't hold that speed any longer. This may give you a good workout and would certainly take you to the limit of your ability. On a mountain bike ride, though, the terrain changes all the time. You climb, you descend and … Continue reading Draining the tank!