Pretending it’s summer.

Due to the trail conditions, a mixture of ice, snow and sticky mud, my riding has been a little limited recently. I decided to improve the situation yesterday, by planning a trail ride for today suited to dry conditions and pretending it was summer. Yesterday was dry and windy whilst last night we had a … Continue reading Pretending it’s summer.

Brushing up on my cornering technique.

Each month I receive a copy of Mountain Bike Ride magazine (MBR). I bought the first ever edition many years ago because it was clearly aimed at adults, whilst the other UK options at the time seemed to be oriented towards the youth. I haven't always read the mag. but for a few years I've … Continue reading Brushing up on my cornering technique.

The difference between bikes and boats.

Stupid title? Read on if you'd like to know how differently bikes and boats perform as the speed increases. I've ridden bikes the whole of my life but only now am I building a boat. I haven't had a big project for a good few years and had always intended to build a sixth sports … Continue reading The difference between bikes and boats.

A sensible ride!

It rained quite heavily last night, washing away the remnants of the snow at home. After the horrible trail conditions on my last ride it seemed prudent to do a road ride and not allow myself to be tempted onto the dirt. I wanted the ride to have some training value so a hilly route … Continue reading A sensible ride!

Not worth riding?

There have been few times in my entire mountain biking life when, after a ride, I've thought that it hadn't been worth getting out. After almost a fortnight with snow on the ground the temperature has now risen causing the remnants of the snow to turn to a mixture of slush and hard, compacted ice … Continue reading Not worth riding?

Oranges are not the only fruit.

A mountain bike is an inanimate object, a fact which cannot be denied. I've never given a name to a mountain bike. I didn't name motor vehicles, either cars, bikes or scooters which I owned, until our son, Dylan was born. It then seemed like a good idea to name vehicles as if they had … Continue reading Oranges are not the only fruit.