Strava likes me!

On my last ride I felt full of energy but today I was rather tired. In the morning I’d had a cooked breakfast prior to walking the dog before my ride. It could simply have been that I was still digesting my food and wasn’t ready to ride, I’ll never know. Had I felt moreContinue reading “Strava likes me!”

More boat testing.

My home made boat used a flapping foil (fishtail) for propulsion and although it did propel the boat forwards it had too many difficulties which I considered insurmountable. It didn’t move me nearly quickly enough and caused the boat to bob up and down. I decided to completely change the way in which the boatContinue reading “More boat testing.”

Feeling far fitter.

Recently I’ve dug a pond by hand and paved around it. We had no access to use a mini digger and getting the heavy clay soil to a skip in the road meant using a wheelbarrow to cart it through the garage. Initially I thought the project wouldn’t affect my mountain biking since I expectedContinue reading “Feeling far fitter.”

Returning to Great Hill.

It’s my favourite ride. Go to the top of Great Hill at 1,251 feet and ride the exquisite downhill through Brinscall Woods. It’s a long and varied ride with some flat and undulating sections, lots of gravity assisted parts and a bit of everything that we mountain bikers love. The climb is valuable exercise andContinue reading “Returning to Great Hill.”

A voyage of discovery.

I still don’t have the wheels of my Boardman back. The shop was deserted today so I had to chose another bike. My pedals were already fitted to the 25 year old Proflex Attack LE full suspension mountain bike, so it was the obvious choice to ride it again. I’ve been enjoying my time onContinue reading “A voyage of discovery.”

Testing the boat again.

I’ll admit I haven’t been too thrilled with the performance of my homemade boat. On a positive note it doesn’t leak any water and it’s stable, especially when you consider it’s small size at just 2.1 meters at the waterline. Today I’d adjusted the angle at which the fishtail which propels the boat pushes onContinue reading “Testing the boat again.”


I peruse a number of different hobbies. Mountain biking is possibly the one I’m most passionate about but I also have a classic Italian scooter and spend time doing various activities associated with the Scooter scene, which in Britain is vibrant. Another thing which I spend a lot of time doing is gardening. Behind theContinue reading “Gardening.”