Training for 2021.

In recent weeks I've only ridden twice a week. I don't think I've been training myself well and probably not maintaining the same level of fitness I had last autumn. In many ways it doesn't matter because I don't have much to train for apart from 2 challenges which I've set for myself to achieve … Continue reading Training for 2021.

Perfect winter conditions, and a broken bike.

The temperature yesterday never rose above freezing but this morning was more like 5 celcius. We had strong winds from the east yesterday whilst today the wind was still blowing strongly, now from a warmer southerly direction. With no rain or significant snow since early last week it's amazing how dry the ground has become. … Continue reading Perfect winter conditions, and a broken bike.

The difference between bikes and boats.

Stupid title? Read on if you'd like to know how differently bikes and boats perform as the speed increases. I've ridden bikes the whole of my life but only now am I building a boat. I haven't had a big project for a good few years and had always intended to build a sixth sports … Continue reading The difference between bikes and boats.

What should I get for Christmas?

When my wife asks me what I'd like for Christmas I usually just ask for a bit of leeway. This year could be different. Today I diced with a road rider on tarmac on my mountain bike for over 11 minutes and came out victorious. I analysed my performance later on the app. Strava and … Continue reading What should I get for Christmas?

Entering a virtual race.

Many cyclists use exercise bikes for virtual racing but I spied an opportunity for a race using the app. Strava. A local cyclist has set up a Strava segment called "Birkacre race route?". It starts and finishes at the high point of a circuit of 2.47miles, drops gently on a rough rocky track before it … Continue reading Entering a virtual race.

Recovering from injury.

During my last ride, on Tuesday, I fell off the Trek 29" wheeled mountain bike trying to negotiate a very sharp corner. I landed on my knees from a height of several feet and by the evening my right knee was swollen. It was uncomfortable to walk and I had a scuff mark from under … Continue reading Recovering from injury.