What should I get for Christmas?

When my wife asks me what I'd like for Christmas I usually just ask for a bit of leeway. This year could be different. Today I diced with a road rider on tarmac on my mountain bike for over 11 minutes and came out victorious. I analysed my performance later on the app. Strava and … Continue reading What should I get for Christmas?

Entering a virtual race.

Many cyclists use exercise bikes for virtual racing but I spied an opportunity for a race using the app. Strava. A local cyclist has set up a Strava segment called "Birkacre race route?". It starts and finishes at the high point of a circuit of 2.47miles, drops gently on a rough rocky track before it … Continue reading Entering a virtual race.

Recovering from injury.

During my last ride, on Tuesday, I fell off the Trek 29" wheeled mountain bike trying to negotiate a very sharp corner. I landed on my knees from a height of several feet and by the evening my right knee was swollen. It was uncomfortable to walk and I had a scuff mark from under … Continue reading Recovering from injury.

I found the limit of 29″ wheels!

My plan for today's ride was to use a road route to the village of Rivington where I'd ride 2 very different downhill sections in the terraced gardens. This would also give a valuable training element with 2 tough climbs to reach the top of each descent. The weather was very still with occasional, hazy … Continue reading I found the limit of 29″ wheels!

How did all the mud get here?

I had a plan for today's ride but I just hadn't expected the ground to be so muddy. We have not had much rain this week, as far as I recall, but last night at bedtime we did get a short, heavy shower. This morning the weather was good with a mixture of sunshine and … Continue reading How did all the mud get here?

A glorious autumn ride.

Autumn can be a hard time for mountain bikers. The dry trails give way to mud and temperatures fall. In compensation we may get a fabulous display of rusty shades but this is a short time to fill the soul before the starkness of winter. Today was about as good a day as we can … Continue reading A glorious autumn ride.