Draining the tank!

You could just jump on a bike and maintain the same speed until you couldn't hold that speed any longer. This may give you a good workout and would certainly take you to the limit of your ability. On a mountain bike ride, though, the terrain changes all the time. You climb, you descend and … Continue reading Draining the tank!

Man Flu.

Newspaper reports have confirmed that men suffer far worse from respiratory infections than women! "Man flu is real, reported the Daily Mirror . Many newspapers reported the news that scientists have found men suffer from flu more because they “invest in their spirit of adventure at the expense of their immune system” (The Daily Telegraph )." There … Continue reading Man Flu.

Things will never be the same again.

Today was too good a day to stay indoors. The sun was shining sporadically early in the morning and by 11 am we had clear blue skies. The rain we've had over the winter was hardly likely to have dried up overnight but my main intention for today's ride was to do some hill climbing and take a look at Healey Nab. I've seen some pictures on Facebook of the tree cutting and wanted to see how it had affected the man made trails. An easy plan was to ride up Great Hill and return via the Nab.

Are we breaking records?

This time I'm not talking about personal records for ride segments on the app. Strava. (Though maybe more of that later!) I'm talking about weather records, specifically the amount of rain we've had. This winter was already much wetter than last winter, I could tell this from the ground conditions on my bike rides. During … Continue reading Are we breaking records?

How can you know you’re getting fitter?

I like to feel fit. It's a life affirming thing to feel that you're in a good physical position. I also know that it gets harder as you get older and through mountain biking I've measured some deterioration! It isn't something to be too sad about and failing to accept the inevitable march of time … Continue reading How can you know you’re getting fitter?

What would it be like to be a king?

You can ask me. Because today I became a king! That is I set a segment time on the popular app. Strava which was faster than anyone else has ever achieved. Don't worry, this blog will not continue as an act of shameless self aggrandisement. I can see why my time was so fast and … Continue reading What would it be like to be a king?