Too short a ride is a waste of time.

I try to get out on my mountain bike at least twice a week and preferably three times. This will always need me to wash my riding gear. This doesn't involve going down to the river and beating it against a rock. It's more like putting it in the machine and pressing start but my … Continue reading Too short a ride is a waste of time.

What should I get for Christmas?

When my wife asks me what I'd like for Christmas I usually just ask for a bit of leeway. This year could be different. Today I diced with a road rider on tarmac on my mountain bike for over 11 minutes and came out victorious. I analysed my performance later on the app. Strava and … Continue reading What should I get for Christmas?

A road ride in the sunshine.

After many wet days I didn't think I'd enjoy an extremely muddy off road ride so I chose a road ride, today, instead. Fortunately the temperature was an easily tolerable 6 celcius and the sun has shone all morning. I was eager to get out after 5 days without a ride and thought it would … Continue reading A road ride in the sunshine.

The importance of planning a ride.

I always like to have a plan for every ride. I'm often flexible once I'm underway as I was on my last ride 3 days ago. I started with the idea to ride 3 laps of a circuit which I'd learned about from the app. Strava. Two other riders had competed to be the fastest … Continue reading The importance of planning a ride.

Entering a virtual race.

Many cyclists use exercise bikes for virtual racing but I spied an opportunity for a race using the app. Strava. A local cyclist has set up a Strava segment called "Birkacre race route?". It starts and finishes at the high point of a circuit of 2.47miles, drops gently on a rough rocky track before it … Continue reading Entering a virtual race.

Recovering from injury.

During my last ride, on Tuesday, I fell off the Trek 29" wheeled mountain bike trying to negotiate a very sharp corner. I landed on my knees from a height of several feet and by the evening my right knee was swollen. It was uncomfortable to walk and I had a scuff mark from under … Continue reading Recovering from injury.

I found the limit of 29″ wheels!

My plan for today's ride was to use a road route to the village of Rivington where I'd ride 2 very different downhill sections in the terraced gardens. This would also give a valuable training element with 2 tough climbs to reach the top of each descent. The weather was very still with occasional, hazy … Continue reading I found the limit of 29″ wheels!

Time to train.

It's Monday and I haven't ridden my mountain bike since Thursday. In the current muddy conditions I struggled to think of a ride which seemed exciting but I knew what to do. I'd do a harder training ride because I know that working hard on the bike is just about the best tool to motivate … Continue reading Time to train.

A change of bike.

I changed the rear gear cable on the Trek EX8 29" wheel mountain bike yesterday so thought I'd ride it today. I'd thought after my last ride, where I'd enjoyed working hard on 3 laps of the same circuit, that I'd do something similar today. I haven't had many rides on the Trek so changed … Continue reading A change of bike.

A much better ride in muddy conditions.

I've been a little worried after my last few rides that I wasn't going to be having as much fun as I usually have mountain biking. Although I've generally been riding between showers, not whilst it was actually raining, the ground has been muddy. This slows me down throughout my rides and makes corners treacherous. … Continue reading A much better ride in muddy conditions.