I couldn’t ride my bike today.

I’d intended to go out for a bike ride after I’d walked my dog, Freddie. I have to walk him every day, regardless of my bike riding plans and enjoy my relaxing time with him. A lot of people have bought dogs since the first Covid 19 lockdown and it has pushed puppy prices way … Continue reading I couldn’t ride my bike today.

A recovery ride, after not riding.

It’s very rare that I leave it 6 days between rides but I have my excuses. I’ve dug a pond in between times and it took a lot more out of me than I’d expected. Had I thought much about it I would have imagined that my upper body would have suffered. I don’t do … Continue reading A recovery ride, after not riding.

Why a 25 year old mountain bike is still worth riding.

I didn’t ride my 25 year old Proflex bike entirely out of choice, today. I still haven’t got the wheels for my Boardman, a bike of a mere 4 years, back from the shop yet, having had new bearings and a pawl spring in the free hub fitted. The weather has, however, remained ideal for … Continue reading Why a 25 year old mountain bike is still worth riding.

Back to mountain biking. Life put on hold.

In my last post I explained how life, and more specifically digging a pond, had got in the way of my mountain biking. I’d exhausted myself with digging, which had to be done by hand due to the access difficulties. I was far too tired to ride after a long session of such physical work. … Continue reading Back to mountain biking. Life put on hold.

Life gets in the way of mountain biking.

We are undertaking a massive garden project at home. After a long period with 3 raised flower beds close to the house we have committed to redevelop the area into an Italian style sunken pond. We started by redistributing the plants for the beds and saving as much soil as possible. Levelling the ground yesterday … Continue reading Life gets in the way of mountain biking.

A window in the weather.

Yesterday was a rainy day. The forecast suggested light rain all day but when I was walking the dog the sun came out. It was a good opportunity, with a window in the weather, to get a mountain bike ride in. We’re doing a big garden project so I thought a fairly short ride would … Continue reading A window in the weather.

The full Great Hill experience.

Great Hill might seem like a misnomer for a mound rising to just 1,250 feet above sea level but from some viewpoints it looks quite big. Also I was beginning my mountain bike ride from home at under 300 feet, dropping lower early in the ride. I’ve replaced the front mech. cable on the Trek … Continue reading The full Great Hill experience.

Second test of my homemade boat.

I tested my human powered boat 6 days ago. It’s powered by treadles oscillating a fishtail. Well, why be conventional? It was dismally slow but on a positive note it didn’t leak at all. As a Consequence of this I’ve done some modifications. I increased the size of the fishtail by about 350% to get … Continue reading Second test of my homemade boat.

Back to my favourite downhill.

It was around a year ago that I pieced together a downhill mountain bike ride which is now my absolute favourite. In truth it begins at the top of Great Hill but today I had to abbreviate my ride so I didn’t ride right from the top of the hill. Instead I climbed Brinscall Woods … Continue reading Back to my favourite downhill.

A Fartlek ride!

One of my brothers often entitles his runs, on the app. Strava, as “Fartlek” runs. Curiosity got the better of me and I Googled the term to find that it is a Swedish word meaning “speed play”. It’s an unstructured form of interval training where you intersperse periods of high effort with more relaxed parts. … Continue reading A Fartlek ride!