I haven't contracted Coronavirus, yet, but some estimates have 80% of us catching the disease before it's run it's course. Despite this, and even if I don't contract the disease or the symptoms are so mild I don't notice it, it may still affect my mountain biking. You could say that it's selfish, when untold … Continue reading Coronavirus.

Short but sweet.

Today I rode for just 1 hour and 6 minutes. I leave home and am on the trails in 5 minutes so for regular riding I save hours of time when many riders would be driving to the trails. Once I get off road the action starts straight away. After a short, straight shale track … Continue reading Short but sweet.

Our scooter trip to Europe in 2017.

After such a lot of people reading my last post about our scooter trip to Holland and Belgium I thought I may as well post my story of our trip 2 years ago. It was a better trip in just about every way. I'm not sure we'll ever match it. Lancashire Scooterists Western Front Bimble. … Continue reading Our scooter trip to Europe in 2017.