Are we breaking records?

This time I’m not talking about personal records for ride segments on the app. Strava. (Though maybe more of that later!) I’m talking about weather records, specifically the amount of rain we’ve had. This winter was already much wetter than last winter, I could tell this from the ground conditions on my bike rides. DuringContinue reading “Are we breaking records?”

Great Hill.

Today I repeated the ride I did on New Years day. I rode to the top of Great Hill at a height of 1,250 feet. With some descents along the way I climbed a total of 1,484 feet. This is a little over a fifth of the climbing I’ll do on my big challenge forContinue reading “Great Hill.”

Getting high.

I’ll admit that I’m seriously addicted to mountain biking. The physical exertion, slight sense of danger and my love of mechanical things make it the perfect sport for me. I spend some time thinking about mountain biking even when I’m not riding and today, whilst walking my dog, Freddie, I had the chance to planContinue reading “Getting high.”

Finding motivation.

I spent some time trying to decide where I should ride, today. Healey Nab was tempting for its quality, well drained trails. I didn’t want to set off without a specific goal so just riding round the trails didn’t seem to fit the bill. I considered repeating the ride I did on New Years dayContinue reading “Finding motivation.”

Riding the river Yarrow.

Many years ago my mates and I rode with someone who’d never joined us before, for a Tuesday evening ride. We tried some trails I’d found to the west of town and our new companion suggested some additions along the side of the river Yarrow which, I for one, had never seen before. I’ve wonderedContinue reading “Riding the river Yarrow.”

Is spring in the air?

I’ve noticed quite a few plants are starting to poke their heads above the surface in our garden and yet it doesn’t feel like we’ve had winter so far. The rain has continued, though today has been sunny at times. The wind has also dried the surface in the open but so much local ridingContinue reading “Is spring in the air?”

A quality ride.

On my last ride I went to Healey Nab and rode 3 laps with no aim other than to go for a ride. I decided it would be better to have more structure to my ride this time and with little rain for around a fortnight I knew the trails would be improving. This meantContinue reading “A quality ride.”

My targets for 2020.

Only 3 days into the year and I’ve managed 2 rides already. Today I started by the same route as New Years day but soon realised that the ground was far wetter than it was 2 days ago. After the first off road section I decided to take a slightly longer road route to WhiteContinue reading “My targets for 2020.”

Great start to 2020.

Riding to the top of Great Hill in the West Pennine Moors is always a treat. Today I saw a Facebook post from one of my scooter riding mates, “Midge”. He said he was cooking breakfast at the ruins of Drinkwaters farm, halfway up Great Hill and gave an open invitation to anyone who wantedContinue reading “Great start to 2020.”