A recovery sail.

After 4 days of inactivity with my first cold in around 2 years I was keen to get out today and thought that a trip in my pedal powered boat was the best option. It is definitely less aerobic than a mountain bike ride and there often seems no need to work hard since it’sContinue reading “A recovery sail.”

Man flu.

It’s a well known fact that what may be a trifling cold to a woman is a serious case of influenza to a man. Personally I haven’t had a cold since well before the Covid crisis so it must be getting on for 2 years. This suggests that all the social distancing and mask wearingContinue reading “Man flu.”

An hour on the canal.

After an accident during my last mountain bike ride I still have a bruised shoulder. It’s the bone behind the collar bone and by referring to Google I can see it’s called the coracoid process. It was slightly uncomfortable and at this stage I didn’t want to stress the injury further so thought I’d beContinue reading “An hour on the canal.”


The weather forecast was right. It rained. I don’t usually like to set out on a mountain bike ride if it’s raining already and this morning it was more a case of damp in the air than actual precipitation. I’d intended to ride to Rivington, a popular local venue, and thought I might meet plentyContinue reading “Wet.”

All going swimmingly.

I’ve written a few posts about my homemade, pedal powered boat but what I haven’t done is describe the many tribulations along the way. I’ve twice had wheels break on the trolley I use to get the boat to the water. I’ve tried 4 different ways of propelling the boat and, I think, 3 rudders.Continue reading “All going swimmingly.”

What a surprise!

Today the weather was dismal. It drizzled for most of the day and I had to walk my dog, Freddie, wearing a kagool, in August. Yes, I’m going to blame Global Warming again. This kind of drizzle is a penalty of living near the west coast, with no real hills between ourselves and the sea.Continue reading “What a surprise!”

Valuable training.

I’d ridden my mountain bike twice since returning from holiday and felt tired on the first occasion. Second time I was better but took it fairly easy on a 2 hour ride with nearly 1,500 feet of off road ascent. I want to do a much bigger ride in the next 2 weeks where IContinue reading “Valuable training.”

Back to life!

I haven’t ridden my mountain bike for 13 days, which is almost without precedent. We went for an 8 day holiday in south west England and although I’d intended to get a lot of riding done in the week before we went I was thwarted by the weather. I only managed one bike ride andContinue reading “Back to life!”