Back to my favourite downhill.

It was around a year ago that I pieced together a downhill mountain bike ride which is now my absolute favourite. In truth it begins at the top of Great Hill but today I had to abbreviate my ride so I didn’t ride right from the top of the hill. Instead I climbed Brinscall Woods … Continue reading Back to my favourite downhill.

Launching my home made boat.

I’ve mentioned before that I have been building a boat. As a mountain biker I wanted it to be pedal powered so I designed a treadle system to transfer leg power to the water. Treadles seemed better than rotating pedals in a boat because my legs would stay lower, aiding stability. Yesterday I finished working … Continue reading Launching my home made boat.

A Fartlek ride!

One of my brothers often entitles his runs, on the app. Strava, as “Fartlek” runs. Curiosity got the better of me and I Googled the term to find that it is a Swedish word meaning “speed play”. It’s an unstructured form of interval training where you intersperse periods of high effort with more relaxed parts. … Continue reading A Fartlek ride!

A road ride for training.

The main difference between mountain bike riding and road riding is that the off road terrain constantly makes you change the amount of effort which you apply. Yes, a hill on the road will force you to up the power but off road the differences are more marked. It’s much rarer to be able to … Continue reading A road ride for training.

Birthday Boy!

Yesterday was my birthday. It wasn’t a significant one. I didn’t change age category on the app. Strava, that’ll be next time. We’re doing a massive garden project at the moment so I didn’t have the time for a long and indulgent ride, which is what I really need. My last ride was a short … Continue reading Birthday Boy!

Spring has started early.

Spring has 2 possible start dates. The equinox around the 21st of March used to be considered correct but nowadays it's probably more common to cite the first of March. The other day I looked at which predicted 10 days without rain in our area. This is excellent news for every mountain biker so … Continue reading Spring has started early.

Wind in the willows.

“Believe me my young friend, there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” So says Ratty to Mole in Kenneth Grahame’s classic novel ‘The Wind in the Willows’.  I'm building my own boat so in the spring, when I launch it, I'll be able to confirm or … Continue reading Wind in the willows.

Training for 2021.

In recent weeks I've only ridden twice a week. I don't think I've been training myself well and probably not maintaining the same level of fitness I had last autumn. In many ways it doesn't matter because I don't have much to train for apart from 2 challenges which I've set for myself to achieve … Continue reading Training for 2021.