Time to train.

I took my pedal powered boat down to the canal today and expected to get some training in. Unfortunately I still have work to do on the chain drive element which I’ve added but it went well enough during my trip to suggest that my modifications are on the right lines. I needed to supplementContinue reading “Time to train.”

Modifying my boat.

My homemade, pedal powered boat took a long time and many incarnations before I was satisfied with it. I tried 4 different propulsion systems before I found one which propelled me at a satisfying speed. I then only needed to strengthen it for reliability and I had a boat which I could cruise around inContinue reading “Modifying my boat.”

Road riding at speed.

After an Indian summer during September we now have something more like a monsoon. I know that this is technically in the wrong order but it’s what we now have to cope with. During Britain’s tenure in India the monsoon would be followed by a glorious period of weather which was not too hot andContinue reading “Road riding at speed.”

Spinning those pedals.

I’ve been giving cadence, that is that rate at which I rotate the pedals, a lot of thought recently. It isn’t mountain biking which has brought the matter to my attention but using my pedal powered boat. In the boat it’s not possible, due to the resistance of the water, to spin the pedals atContinue reading “Spinning those pedals.”

Training by boat.

My boat build is officially (almost) finished! When I launched my first incarnation of my home designed, pedal powered boat I’d painted it all nicely. Unfortunately I had to try many different versions of all kinds of parts of the boat so it ended up looking rather battered. After several successful trips, including using aContinue reading “Training by boat.”


Cadence is the rate at which you spin the pedals on your mountain bike, or other pedal powered contraption, for that matter. My own cadence has come to my notice not through cycling but as a result of using my pedal powered boat. A cycling cadence for a road rider will usually be in theContinue reading “Cadence.”

A recovery sail.

After 4 days of inactivity with my first cold in around 2 years I was keen to get out today and thought that a trip in my pedal powered boat was the best option. It is definitely less aerobic than a mountain bike ride and there often seems no need to work hard since it’sContinue reading “A recovery sail.”

Man flu.

It’s a well known fact that what may be a trifling cold to a woman is a serious case of influenza to a man. Personally I haven’t had a cold since well before the Covid crisis so it must be getting on for 2 years. This suggests that all the social distancing and mask wearingContinue reading “Man flu.”

An hour on the canal.

After an accident during my last mountain bike ride I still have a bruised shoulder. It’s the bone behind the collar bone and by referring to Google I can see it’s called the coracoid process. It was slightly uncomfortable and at this stage I didn’t want to stress the injury further so thought I’d beContinue reading “An hour on the canal.”


The weather forecast was right. It rained. I don’t usually like to set out on a mountain bike ride if it’s raining already and this morning it was more a case of damp in the air than actual precipitation. I’d intended to ride to Rivington, a popular local venue, and thought I might meet plentyContinue reading “Wet.”

All going swimmingly.

I’ve written a few posts about my homemade, pedal powered boat but what I haven’t done is describe the many tribulations along the way. I’ve twice had wheels break on the trolley I use to get the boat to the water. I’ve tried 4 different ways of propelling the boat and, I think, 3 rudders.Continue reading “All going swimmingly.”

What a surprise!

Today the weather was dismal. It drizzled for most of the day and I had to walk my dog, Freddie, wearing a kagool, in August. Yes, I’m going to blame Global Warming again. This kind of drizzle is a penalty of living near the west coast, with no real hills between ourselves and the sea.Continue reading “What a surprise!”