A Dangerous Thing.

They say that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing but can too much knowledge also be harmful? I use the app. Strava to record my mountain bike rides and it provides masses of information. I’d looked back at the data from recent rides and found that my average speed was slower than normal. LookingContinue reading “A Dangerous Thing.”

Back after 5 days.

I don’t usually leave 5 days between mountain bike rides but with a combination of some rain and my wife being on holiday from her work as a school teacher things have conspired against me. The only significant exercise I’ve had since my previous ride was a walk with our dog up Healey Nab whereContinue reading “Back after 5 days.”

Flower of the Week, 8th April.

The snakeshead fratillary is a meadow flower, often used in gardens. The petals have the appearance of snakeskin. It’s a real beauty and we have some in pots whilst others are doing well in a shady part of the garden.

Suspension bearing change.

Mountain bikes have a hard life and the often multiple suspension bushes and bearings will wear out in the fullness of time. I’d been noticing a clunking, knocking sound when I pedalled hard on my Boardman FS Pro and after wiggling the rear wheel I found the culprit. Just one of the main rear suspensionContinue reading “Suspension bearing change.”

Flower of the Week, 1st April.

Things are progressing so quickly in our garden that Flower of the Week is looking more like Flower of the Day! Frosty nights are a danger to blossoms like Magnolia Susan so I thought I should catch it at its best.

Sailing to Shirley Animal.

Strange title? I sailed my pedal powered dinghy today and headed north on the 127 mile long Leeds/Liverpool canal to just beyond the place pictured above. The time worn graffito reads “Shirley Animal” and the spot is referenced in the names of segments in the athletics app. Strava in various different activity types, though canoeingContinue reading “Sailing to Shirley Animal.”

Boating in the sunshine.

Unlike mountain biking, which can be enjoyable in a variety of weather and trail conditions, I’ve found that using my homemade pedal powered boat is far better in good weather. Today was perfect with cloudless skies and temperatures as high as 16 Celcius or 61 Fahrenheit. I waited until the afternoon to take the boatContinue reading “Boating in the sunshine.”

Riding Great Hill.

I like my rides to have a training value since I’ll only ever ride 2 or 3 times per week so today I rode to the top of Great Hill. Not only does the route involve a decent amount of climbing but it has a superb downhill from the summit. Returning over a smaller Hill,Continue reading “Riding Great Hill.”