Mind over matter.

Today the weather was fabulous but the rest of the week is unlikely to be good, so that made today a good day for a ride. I decided to ride a loop around Brinscall Woods with it’s rough but exciting downhill section. First, though, I had to get there. I took a mixed road/off roadContinue reading “Mind over matter.”

Darwen and evolution.

Today’s objective was Darwen Hill which has the Jubilee Tower atop. It was built in 1887 to commemorate the golden jubilee of Queen Victoria and from the top you can see north Wales, the Lake District and allegedly the Isle of Man, though I’ve never seen it myself. I started riding the hill regularly aroundContinue reading “Darwen and evolution.”

A target achieved at last.

In January I set myself some targets for this years mountain biking. I haven’t had too many attempts at most of them but one target has stubbornly resisted me despite multiple attempts. When you keep missing the target it becomes a psychological as well as physical battle. I was starting to struggle with the beliefContinue reading “A target achieved at last.”

Back after 11 days.

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t ride for 11 days but due to my trip to Europe that’s how long it’s been since my last ride. Yesterday I was back and it felt great to be out again. It was sunny with clear blue skies, perfect conditions for a ride. The picture aboveContinue reading “Back after 11 days.”

A Bridge Too Far.

Something a little different to my usual mountain biking posts. I’ve been away for 6 days on an epic adventure on my 30 year old Vespa scooter. On day one we rode from Lancashire to Hull on the east coast, a distance of around 128 miles Here we are at our meeting point a fewContinue reading “A Bridge Too Far.”

Riding to Belgium…..

On Saturday I’m setting off with 11 other fools on ancient, mainly Italian scooters for a battlefields tour of Belgium and Holland. My own scooter is a relative youngster at 30 years old! Friday may be wet and I’m working tomorrow so today I did a last ride before the trip to Europe. I justContinue reading “Riding to Belgium…..”

Psychology and riding.

Cycling is a physical thing, right? Well yes, you need to be able to crank those pedals round but it’s not always enough. I haven’t been able to ride for 6 days, which is unusual for me but today I had the chance so thought I’d do a trail ride rather than chasing a timeContinue reading “Psychology and riding.”

A great ride.

It’s easy to call a ride great when you ride Great Hill near Chorley in Lancashire. The weather has been amazing. Dry with cloudless skies. This time last year we were enjoying the coldest of springs. I think it broke records. The problem with the weather in northern England is that we often have theContinue reading “A great ride.”

Trying a fast lap.

If you’ve read my blogs before you’ll have noticed that I ride Healey Nab a lot. It’s only 15 minutes ride away and has a series of man made MTB trails as well as some good natural riding. Last year I rode the red route in 11 minutes 12 seconds and one of this year’sContinue reading “Trying a fast lap.”