Back to nature.

My last ride, 6 days ago, was 34.5 miles in length and the focus was the 21 miles of purpose built trail at Dalby forest. I enjoyed the ride but felt that the exciting sections were few and far between. Today I thought I needed another longer ride after 6 days. We’re also going awayContinue reading “Back to nature.”

The only choice.

We’ve had a period of heavy, summer rain and the trails were bound to be drenched. I left an empty bucket out last night and by this morning it had over an inch of rain in it so I realised that for my first ride in a week the only choice was Healey Nab. TheContinue reading “The only choice.”

Facing my demons.

Today I decided to face a demon of my own creation. It’s a technical climb with a very steep final part and I set it as a target for the year in January. I chose to ride my Whyte JW4, which is 15 years old, because it has the lowest gear. I used to rideContinue reading “Facing my demons.”

Healey Nab video.

I ride down the red graded trail of Healey Nab very often. It’s usually the best route home from Rivington or Great Hill and I also like to session the trail, riding 3 to 5 laps, which each take around 12 minutes. Here is about half of the ride down borrowed from a Facebook post.Continue reading “Healey Nab video.”

Point Break.

Point Break was a 1991 action movie starring Keanu Reeves and Lori Petty. If you’ve never seen it, it’s well worth looking up. It is a crime thriller centred around surfing. My connection with today’s mountain bike ride is simply that when Keanu’s character asks Lori’s why she does it she says, “For the ride.Continue reading “Point Break.”

Never too old to learn!

It’s funny how you learn things throughout your life. We, as a species, seem to have a thirst for knowing more which never leaves us whilst our minds are still healthy. Today I learned a few things on my mountain bike ride, some good and some less appealing! We’ve had showers since Monday afternoon butContinue reading “Never too old to learn!”

Dry weather riding.

It’s been great to have some dry weather after a very wet period early in June. We haven’t been getting the very hot conditions that have been causing problems and breaking records in Europe, though I think that the global warming agenda has caused the news reports to be over emphasized. There was little mentionContinue reading “Dry weather riding.”

Short but sweet.

Today I rode for just 1 hour and 6 minutes. I leave home and am on the trails in 5 minutes so for regular riding I save hours of time when many riders would be driving to the trails. Once I get off road the action starts straight away. After a short, straight shale trackContinue reading “Short but sweet.”

Keeping it fresh.

Today I rode Healey Nab. I considered other local areas but we’ve had so much rain recently that few places would provide good riding and the Nab has a year round series of trails. I helped to keep the ride fresh from the start by riding my usual mixed road and dirt approach but thenContinue reading “Keeping it fresh.”

Trail riding is fun!

In my last post I mentioned my obsession with speed, or more to the point riding trails quickly. I said I was surprised that so many riders don’t seem to bother trying to achieve a fast time even though they are tracking their ride with Strava which will leave the evidence for anyone to see.Continue reading “Trail riding is fun!”

Something new.

Something that was new about today  is that it hasn’t yet rained after 14 consecutive days when it has rained at some point. On the way to the north end of Healey Nab, my local hill, I’ve noticed a sign indicating a footpath to St Barnabas church. It’s a gravel road, so today I thoughtContinue reading “Something new.”

Mud doesn’t matter.

We’ve had 12 consecutive days of rain and it’s muddy. Despite that I’ve had a really good ride today. I gave it a lot of thought before I set off. I wanted something which was worthwhile, exciting and not just a mud fest. I have loved my riding at Coppull Mill. The mill is nowContinue reading “Mud doesn’t matter.”