Trying my winter bike.

Winter is hard on mountain bikes. The wet and grit cause lots of wear of all moving parts. The transmission is especially vulnerable but suspension bushes can also suffer badly. Ideally you wouldn’t want to put your best bike or bikes through this and classic mountain bikes are even more prone to wear from muddyContinue reading “Trying my winter bike.”

My other two wheeled life.

Although I’m a fanatical mountain biker I’ve had an equally long association with motorcycles. I was desperate to get on the road at the tender age of 16 and have had a powered 2 wheeler ever since. In 1999 I bought my first scooter for the automatic transmission, practicality and more accommodating riding position. I’veContinue reading “My other two wheeled life.”

Flower of the Week, 7th October.

The colours of autumn are ephemeral, though no less attractive than the shades of other seasons. It’s worth going into our garden often to see sights which may only last a day or so.

No pain, no gain?

To improve or even to maintain fitness, do you have to hurt yourself whilst training? I’m not training for any other reason than to enable me to continue to enjoy sport, especially mountain biking. Since, due to my age, I’m past my athletic peak it’s more about stopping the decline in my ability being tooContinue reading “No pain, no gain?”

Electrolytes and water.

I’ve always pursued athletic disciplines but have rarely given nutrition much thought. In my early 20s I can remember running in the mountains of the English Lake District for over 5 hours with no carbohydrate loading, no food along the way and water provided only by the mountain streams. I have occasionally made sure I’mContinue reading “Electrolytes and water.”

Full steam ahead.

I’m trying to train harder since I realised that I’ve allowed my fitness to decrease since last year. Due to the funeral of Her Majesty the Queen and a rainy day yesterday I’ve had a 4 day break but got back to training today in my pedal powered dinghy. The problem with working hard inContinue reading “Full steam ahead.”

Flower of the Week, 20th September.

Michealmas is a Christian festival which falls on the 29th September. Our Michealmas Daisies have reached their peak a week in advance. They bring a splash of delightful colour when so much else in the garden is past it’s zenith. Having said that the view from the back of our house is still good.

Proper training.

I’ve identified that I’ve lost some mountain biking fitness this year and am determined to reverse this trend. I’m trying to get out more often and make sure that when I’m out I’m working harder. I think I’ve got into a habit of spinning the pedals quickly but often with insufficient torque or turning force.Continue reading “Proper training.”

Work rate or fitness?

A while ago I questioned whether my fitness had fallen and tested myself by applying more effort during my next ride. I looked at the app. Strava after my ride and could see a distinct improvement in my performance. I concluded that my fitness was good and only my work rate had lagged. More recentlyContinue reading “Work rate or fitness?”

Flower of the Week, 12th September.

A hot, dry summer is causing an early onset of autumn but we still have some new colour in the garden. Our sunflowers self seed from bird food but next year I will nurture some seedlings to plant where I want them. It’s strange how far from our bird feeders the sunflowers have grown.

God save the King.

And did those feet in ancient timeWalk upon England’s mountains green?And was the holy Lamb of GodOn England’s pleasant pastures seen? And did the Countenance DivineShine forth upon our clouded hills?And was Jerusalem builded hereAmong these dark Satanic mills? Bring me my bow of burning gold:Bring me my arrows of desire:Bring me my spear: OContinue reading “God save the King.”