A road ride.

After heavy rain last night I decided to do a road ride. It can be hard work on an MTB. I did 18.7 miles and a healthy 1606 feet of climbing. My Whyte PRST4 has a 1×10 transmission with a 32t front sprocket. I didn’t have a high enough gear for quite a lot ofContinue reading “A road ride.”

Robbed by Strava.

Strava is a GPS based app. which maps your chosen cycling route. When you reach the end of your ride you can save the route data and Strava will then compare your times on many segments with all the riders who’ve previously ridden those segments. The ultimate accolade is to be King of the Mountains,Continue reading “Robbed by Strava.”

How to corner faster.

Not a ride report today, but a bit of what I’ve learned over my biking life. It’s the corners which determine how quick you’ll be on a twisty track You can pedal as hard as you like but you’ll never make up for what you lose if you enter the corners too slowly. Of courseContinue reading “How to corner faster.”

Loved my ride!

My last ride was nothing special. To motivate myself today I went back to the type of riding I’ve always loved the best. Instead of the berms of our mini trail centre I wanted flat corners. As I recently told one of the founders of mountain biking, Charlie Kelly, MTB nirvana for me is whenContinue reading “Loved my ride!”

Two of my 3 bikes.

Maybe it’s my age but I love my classic MTBs. I have 2 classics but only one modern which is obviously the 2016 Boardman FS Pro. Yes, they could both be cleaner but at least they’ve both had some attention recently. The Boardman has had rear wheel bearings and the Whyte JW 4 has hadContinue reading “Two of my 3 bikes.”

Typical winter ride.

It’s not really winter yet but I don’t expect dry trails until April. Mud can be OK. I rode Healey Nab because I know it will always be rideable whatever the weather has been. It’s a hill of about 680 feet and has a number of purpose built MTB trails. They’re typical of man madeContinue reading “Typical winter ride.”

A wet ride.

Today I set out at around 11.30am. I decided to ride my Boardman FSPro. It’s a good FS bike, if a little heavy. Today was a recovery ride. Recovering, that is, from a cold which has kept me off the bike for 5 days. I’ve noticed some trails only a few miles away on Strava,Continue reading “A wet ride.”