Boating in the sunshine.

Unlike mountain biking, which can be enjoyable in a variety of weather and trail conditions, I’ve found that using my homemade pedal powered boat is far better in good weather. Today was perfect with cloudless skies and temperatures as high as 16 Celcius or 61 Fahrenheit. I waited until the afternoon to take the boatContinue reading “Boating in the sunshine.”

Riding Great Hill.

I like my rides to have a training value since I’ll only ever ride 2 or 3 times per week so today I rode to the top of Great Hill. Not only does the route involve a decent amount of climbing but it has a superb downhill from the summit. Returning over a smaller Hill,Continue reading “Riding Great Hill.”

Is it spring?

The modern interpretation is that spring begins on the first of March though the spring equinox around the 21st is a more traditional view. In my garden things are certainly starting to happen with the snowdrops almost finished with their life cycle. The Helibores are in full bloom and many early plants such as camassiaContinue reading “Is it spring?”

A mountain bike adventure.

Today I expected that, despite 2 days of glorious sunshine, the trails would be rather damp. I thought about a longer ride and remembered last year riding to the “Egg Hillock”. It’s a curiously egg shaped mound on a remote Moor. I decided that the trail conditions were likely to be unfavourable so chose insteadContinue reading “A mountain bike adventure.”

Riding without a plan.

I usually plan my rides in advance, usually with some target in mind. Today, though, I started my ride with no particular plan because of the recent weather. We’ve just endured storm Eunice. Naming storms in Britain is a recent idea and Eunice was the second named storm in a week. The last one reallyContinue reading “Riding without a plan.”

Stormy weather.

We’ve had a lot of rain since my last ride and today was predicted to be very wet. A weather warning for strong wind and rain had been issued but this morning, despite a good breeze, things didn’t look too bad. I decided to risk a ride before the predicted deluge rather than wait intoContinue reading “Stormy weather.”

Back to the hills.

I took it easy on my last mountain bike ride because I had some discomfort and swelling in a tendon at the top of my calf. It seems to have recovered so today I wanted to return to “real” mountain biking rather than riding along the canal bank. We’ve had plenty of rain so IContinue reading “Back to the hills.”


I’ve suffered various injuries over the last 30 years of mountain biking. I’ve had a few broken bones and have lost plenty of skin but this week something different has stopped me riding, until today. I had some discomfort behind my left knee and on investigation I found a swollen area at the top ofContinue reading “Injury.”


I don’t usually have any problem with motivation when it comes to mountain bike riding, I love it and often wish I could get out more. Today, however, I simply couldn’t get excited about a ride. The weather was dull and gloomy with wet ground after overnight rain. The inevitably wet trails just weren’t callingContinue reading “Demotivated.”

Do I have a problem?

Today had me wondering once more if I have a problem with my mountain biking. I thought I’d go to a fairly small riding destination at Birkacre, the site of a mill until 1939. Since then all the buildings have been cleared, leaving some interesting trails surfaced with grit and dirt. I’ve been riding hereContinue reading “Do I have a problem?”