A new project.

Today I walked my dog, Freddie, up the canal bank. Our nearest canal is the 127 mile long Leeds/Liverpool and although it no longer carries commercial traffic it’s still busy with leisure craft. When I got back home I returned to the canal on my mountain bike. About 25 years ago I rode 100 milesContinue reading “A new project.”

A better ride.

The weather has been warming to a heady 7 celcius over the last few days, thawing any remaining ice and snow. A warm front has passed over giving rain but today was dry in it’s wake. Dry is not something which could be said of the ground but mud would be preferable to the iceContinue reading “A better ride.”

A sensible ride!

It rained quite heavily last night, washing away the remnants of the snow at home. After the horrible trail conditions on my last ride it seemed prudent to do a road ride and not allow myself to be tempted onto the dirt. I wanted the ride to have some training value so a hilly routeContinue reading “A sensible ride!”

Not worth riding?

There have been few times in my entire mountain biking life when, after a ride, I’ve thought that it hadn’t been worth getting out. After almost a fortnight with snow on the ground the temperature has now risen causing the remnants of the snow to turn to a mixture of slush and hard, compacted iceContinue reading “Not worth riding?”

The Iceman Cometh.

I know nothing of the play in the title, only that it seems like a good description of today’s ride. Below freezing temperatures at night have preserved quite a lot of the snow and a little more fell at breakfast time so I walked the dog and set out on the bike. Grip is reasonablyContinue reading “The Iceman Cometh.”

Boxing day ride.

Boxing day has always been associated with sport, which for many people means spectating. I’ve always preferred to participate than watch sport and today would be no exception. I’d thought on Christmas day that it would add spice to my ride to try to break the fastest time on the Birkacre Race Route circuit butContinue reading “Boxing day ride.”

Entering a virtual race.

Many cyclists use exercise bikes for virtual racing but I spied an opportunity for a race using the app. Strava. A local cyclist has set up a Strava segment called “Birkacre race route?”. It starts and finishes at the high point of a circuit of 2.47miles, drops gently on a rough rocky track before itContinue reading “Entering a virtual race.”

Recovering from injury.

During my last ride, on Tuesday, I fell off the Trek 29″ wheeled mountain bike trying to negotiate a very sharp corner. I landed on my knees from a height of several feet and by the evening my right knee was swollen. It was uncomfortable to walk and I had a scuff mark from underContinue reading “Recovering from injury.”