Riding Rivington Pike.

After 2 rides of good training value I thought that I’d take it a little easier today on a longer trail ride with no targets. My purpose today was simply to enjoy the trail and get out in the environment on a pleasant enough day. The weather was very still and quite misty as IContinue reading “Riding Rivington Pike.”

Time to train.

It’s Monday and I haven’t ridden my mountain bike since Thursday. In the current muddy conditions I struggled to think of a ride which seemed exciting but I knew what to do. I’d do a harder training ride because I know that working hard on the bike is just about the best tool to motivateContinue reading “Time to train.”

A change of bike.

I changed the rear gear cable on the Trek EX8 29″ wheel mountain bike yesterday so thought I’d ride it today. I’d thought after my last ride, where I’d enjoyed working hard on 3 laps of the same circuit, that I’d do something similar today. I haven’t had many rides on the Trek so changedContinue reading “A change of bike.”

Another muddy ride.

We’ve had plenty of rain in the last week and at this time of year the ground takes a long time to dry up. It was inevitable that my ride yesterday would be on soaking wet surfaces which limits my riding options. Healey Nab, my nearest hill, seemed like the best bet. The man madeContinue reading “Another muddy ride.”


I was accepted by the Royal Navy to train as an officer in 1985. I would have gone on to fly helicopters but unfortunately my medical history intervened. I’d had a brief illness in my teens and it was decided that I was too much of a risk to invest a massive amount of moneyContinue reading “Remembrance.”

Wild weather.

After a very rainy week we also got strong winds today. I decided that my only option was to ignore the weather and ride to a high and remote moor! I’d ride to the ruined and deserted farms set above Brinscall, back through the woods and over Healey Nab. I set off with the windContinue reading “Wild weather.”

Mud Fest.

The rain has been shocking this week. It’s prevented me from riding for 5 days and since my last ride was a road ride it’s been 9 days since I’ve ridden on the dirt. I considered another road ride today since I knew the trails would be exceedingly muddy but I’d watched a Youtube video.Continue reading “Mud Fest.”

Great Hill again.

With continuing dry weather I thought it was a good chance to ride my current favourite trail. From home to the top of Great Hill, which rises to 1,250 feet, and back via a long and fabulous downhill through Brinscall Woods is around 15.5 miles with almost 1,500 feet of ascent. Looking at the app.Continue reading “Great Hill again.”

A lovely autumn ride.

Today has been a beautiful autumn day. The colours are amazing, the weather was calm and mainly sunny. I was keen to ride the new love of my life, my son’s Trek Fuel EX8 29″ wheel full suspension bike, and take it on my favourite downhill from the top of Great Hill. Of course IContinue reading “A lovely autumn ride.”

Riding flat corners.

For several rides it seems like I’ve only ridden single track and bermed (banked) manmade trails. Of course I enjoy this kind of riding but my favourite trails tend to be natural trails with flat corners. Here I can reach what, to me, is the nirvana of mountain biking. That moment when you reach theContinue reading “Riding flat corners.”

A more relaxing ride.

Today the weather has been gorgeous, with blue skies and sunshine. I didn’t want a hard ride with ambitious targets so chose a trail ride to Healey Nab where I’d ride a full lap from the trailhead then ride another downhill section back home. I used the canal to stay off the roads and haveContinue reading “A more relaxing ride.”

Back to training.

Since I’ve already attempted the 2 challenges which I set myself at the start of the year, I can’t really claim to be training for anything in particular. I do, however, like to maintain my fitness and think that I’ve improved this year, so don’t want to lose what I’ve gained. Since trying my biggestContinue reading “Back to training.”