Strava likes me!

On my last ride I felt full of energy but today I was rather tired. In the morning I’d had a cooked breakfast prior to walking the dog before my ride. It could simply have been that I was still digesting my food and wasn’t ready to ride, I’ll never know. Had I felt moreContinue reading “Strava likes me!”

Getting back to basics.

I read in the magazine Mountain Bike Rider (MBR) that on every ride you should have at least one thing you want to work on. I agree that every ride should have a purpose and today I decided to go back to the basics of riding trails, particularly narrow, twisting single track trails. But whyContinue reading “Getting back to basics.”

Looking to the future.

Having tried to achieve the 2 mountain biking targets which I’d set myself in January this year I just about made one, the climb to the top of Great Hill and back in less than 22 minutes 19 seconds. I achieved exactly that time according to the app. Strava but consider I succeeded because myContinue reading “Looking to the future.”

27.5 inch wheels

After my last ride on a Trek Fuel EX8 full suspension mountain bike with 29” wheels it would have been good to gain some more familiarity with the larger wheel size. Unfortunately the bike in question has badly worn rear wheel bearings which are preventing the gears from engaging easily. So today I chose toContinue reading “27.5 inch wheels”

How it used to be.

I’ve been giving the handling of my mountain bike a lot of thought recently and made some changes to try to improve things. Bikes have changed a lot over the last 7 years or so. Wheels have generally become bigger and tyres wider. Bikes are longer, throwing off their road bike geometry which persisted forContinue reading “How it used to be.”