Testing the boat again.

I’ll admit I haven’t been too thrilled with the performance of my homemade boat. On a positive note it doesn’t leak any water and it’s stable, especially when you consider it’s small size at just 2.1 meters at the waterline. Today I’d adjusted the angle at which the fishtail which propels the boat pushes on … Continue reading Testing the boat again.

Second test of my homemade boat.

I tested my human powered boat 6 days ago. It’s powered by treadles oscillating a fishtail. Well, why be conventional? It was dismally slow but on a positive note it didn’t leak at all. As a Consequence of this I’ve done some modifications. I increased the size of the fishtail by about 350% to get … Continue reading Second test of my homemade boat.

Launching my home made boat.

I’ve mentioned before that I have been building a boat. As a mountain biker I wanted it to be pedal powered so I designed a treadle system to transfer leg power to the water. Treadles seemed better than rotating pedals in a boat because my legs would stay lower, aiding stability. Yesterday I finished working … Continue reading Launching my home made boat.

A complete change.

The ancient saying goes "Red sky at night, sailor's delight, red sky in the morning, sailor's warning." This was a good guide yesterday because after a week without rain the weather changed. The reason for this saying, and the reason it's fairly true with regard to the morning, in this case , is that clear … Continue reading A complete change.