Riding flat corners.

For several rides it seems like I’ve only ridden single track and bermed (banked) manmade trails. Of course I enjoy this kind of riding but my favourite trails tend to be natural trails with flat corners. Here I can reach what, to me, is the nirvana of mountain biking. That moment when you reach the … Continue reading Riding flat corners.

How to ride a circuit faster!

It’s a while since I’ve ridden repeated laps of the same circuit so today I thought I’d go to Birkacre for it’s excellent little loop. A lap starts at a high point and drops through various twists, turns and straight sections right to the bottom of the area before climbing to another high point. A … Continue reading How to ride a circuit faster!

Back to training.

My last few rides have been trail rides where I've had an objective to reach and return from, rather than a structured training ride. I don't want to allow my improved fitness to diminish so today I decided on a ride with a structured training element. I'd ride to Brinscall Woods and do 10 laps … Continue reading Back to training.

A great way to motivate yourself.

Today the weather is lovely and sunny but after a dog walk I felt a little tired, not particularly motivated to do a ride. Coronavirus actually made me change my first plan. I thought that I'd boost my enthusiasm if I set a challenge and considered doing 5 laps of my training circuit at Birkacre. … Continue reading A great way to motivate yourself.

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

My title is the opening line of John Keats' poem "To Autumn". It was written on 19th September 1819, 200 years almost to the day! I've always been curious as to why the bicycle took so long to invent and coincidentally the first "Dandy Horses" were appearing at around this time. Dandy horses were propelled … Continue reading Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

Summer ending is not a problem.

In many countries mountain biking is a dry weather sport. Fortunately in Britain we ride year round. We just need to make adjustments for the wetter weather. I have a few choices locally which still offer good riding in almost any weather. I've been riding at Birkacre and Coppull mill on my last 2 rides, … Continue reading Summer ending is not a problem.

Never too old to learn!

It's funny how you learn things throughout your life. We, as a species, seem to have a thirst for knowing more which never leaves us whilst our minds are still healthy. Today I learned a few things on my mountain bike ride, some good and some less appealing! We've had showers since Monday afternoon but … Continue reading Never too old to learn!