For the ride. For the ultimate ride!

I've quoted from the movie "Point Break" in my writing in the past, as in the title of this account. The movie centres around surfing but it could perhaps have been written about mountain biking instead. Surfers and mountain bikers often seek that ultimate ride. Just as a lack of the right waves may hamper … Continue reading For the ride. For the ultimate ride!

Things are improving at Healey Nab.

Every time I've ridden up my local hill, Healey Nab recently, the mountain bike trails have improved. After 2,500 diseased larch trees were felled in March it looked as if we'd never get our man made trail system back but amazing progress has been made. The Coronavirus has prevented any calls for volunteers, so whoever … Continue reading Things are improving at Healey Nab.

First wet ride in over two months!

Today started with drizzle. You wouldn’t really call it rain, it was more like mist but it did dampen the ground. I’d walked the dog early on, before it started, but it didn’t look like it would wet me so off I went for a mountain bike ride. After my last ride on my 2004 … Continue reading First wet ride in over two months!

Exploring a new hill.

Today I rode to my nearest hill, Healey nab. So what made it a new hill to explore? The felling of 2,500 larch trees and massive damage by the tree felling equipment left little available to ride but in just a month trails are now emerging which I've ridden a number of times. Today I … Continue reading Exploring a new hill.

Trying for a target.

I wanted to have a go at one of my two targets for this year whilst we're still enjoying dry weather. Last year I set a time of 22 minutes and 19 seconds on the Strava segment "Great Hill, out and back". Excitingly I beat the existing time for the segment thus far in 2019 … Continue reading Trying for a target.

Nice to get out.

Although we recently had a full week without rain it's been a very wet autumn and the rest of the week doesn't look too good. I was a bit tired after doing a hard days work yesterday and saw on the forecast that the best time to ride would be earlier in the morning. I … Continue reading Nice to get out.

A trail ride for fitness.

Today I thought it would be a good idea to do a continuous trail ride with no targets for any particular section. By gradually increasing the effort during the ride it would help my fitness, especially in terms of stamina. So why should this matter? Well, miraculously the weather has turned dry and sunny. Could … Continue reading A trail ride for fitness.