Climbing to a challenge.

I know "rising to a challenge" would be a more common phrase but because I want to climb around 6,500 feet of ascent on a single ride in a few months time, I need to get plenty of climbing done as training. I watched a YouTube video recently of someone riding downhill from our local … Continue reading Climbing to a challenge.

My last ride of the decade?

We have a few dry days, with some sunshine coming, according to the weather forecast. We shouldn't expect any rain until at least the 2nd of January and, frankly, I think all of us who like our outdoor pursuits deserve this short break. It was always going to be muddy for today's ride so climbing … Continue reading My last ride of the decade?

A trail ride before Christmas.

Today I finally got out after a 6 day break which must be one of my longest breaks this year. I love Christmas but it does require a lot of preparation. I've also recently cut an oak tree down in my back garden. It was just getting too big after only 21 years. Who knew … Continue reading A trail ride before Christmas.

Nice to get out.

Although we recently had a full week without rain it's been a very wet autumn and the rest of the week doesn't look too good. I was a bit tired after doing a hard days work yesterday and saw on the forecast that the best time to ride would be earlier in the morning. I … Continue reading Nice to get out.

Recovery from a mad weekend.

At my age (57, if you must know) maybe I should have calm weekends with a little mountain bike riding. One of my other passions, however, is scootering. I have a 30 year old Vespa scooter and plenty of people around my age like to party at weekends like we're still 19. It's impossible to … Continue reading Recovery from a mad weekend.

The ups and downs of a mountain biker.

I've been reading some interesting blog posts written by someone who has decided to follow my own blog. This person has obviously had some serious difficulties in their life and they are using blogging to help in resolving their problems. Mountain biking was probably too trivial to be mentioned in their posts! I had the … Continue reading The ups and downs of a mountain biker.

Psychology and riding.

Cycling is a physical thing, right? Well yes, you need to be able to crank those pedals round but it's not always enough. I haven't been able to ride for 6 days, which is unusual for me but today I had the chance so thought I'd do a trail ride rather than chasing a time … Continue reading Psychology and riding.

Suprised. Shocked, even.

It's Easter Sunday and almost too hot to sit in the sun. something we're not used to in northern England, especially not as early in the year as this. What suprised me next was that when I said "We can't just sit around all day" to my wife, she said "I suppose you want to … Continue reading Suprised. Shocked, even.

Riding back 5,500 years.

My last ride was covered in my post "The World's longest second". It was a frantic and successful attempt to ride a segment in less than 22 minutes and 20 seconds. I beat the time by one second. I thought today that I should do something completely different where time wasn't important. I decided to … Continue reading Riding back 5,500 years.