Climbing to a challenge.

I know "rising to a challenge" would be a more common phrase but because I want to climb around 6,500 feet of ascent on a single ride in a few months time, I need to get plenty of climbing done as training. I watched a YouTube video recently of someone riding downhill from our local … Continue reading Climbing to a challenge.

The best day of the week.

Many full time workers would hesitate to describe Monday as the best day of the week. When I worked full time I worked for myself which is a different to working for a big business. I had to turn up at my restaurant on a Monday, usually working 6 days a week. Saturday was the … Continue reading The best day of the week.

Third time lucky.

I believe the saying goes “Third time lucky, third time unlucky” and I’m hoping it’s true. You see, after almost three years without a puncture on the Boardman bike I’ve just had a third in quick succession and hope my minor steak of bad luck is at an end. This time I found the front tyre flat … Continue reading Third time lucky.

Making adjustments.

I fiddled around with my bike before today's ride. The gear change had lost it's crispness and the mech. which changes gear was a little bit loose. At first I thought that the bush it rotates on was worn but in fact it just needed tightening. I also tightened the 2 screws which hold the … Continue reading Making adjustments.

Should I be doing this?

Today I rode a natural trail from home to Rivington Pike but realised at one point that I was taking a big risk. I wondered afterwards if I should be giving safety more thought and stop riding some of the things which were routine for me 20 years ago. I started today's ride on a … Continue reading Should I be doing this?