Riding Rivington.

If you were to ask a mountain biker from our area about places to ride I'm sure that "Rivington" would be mentioned very soon or possibly first. When I rode regularly with friends we used the area around the tiny village of Rivington very regularly, all year round. Recently, and especially this year, I haven't … Continue reading Riding Rivington.

The training ride before the big one.

I'd planned a ride before my big challenge for the year which is to ride the Mary Towneley Loop. It's 47 miles with 6,500 feet of climbing, almost exclusively off road. So today I did that longer training ride even though I may not be able to do the Mary Towneley in April due to … Continue reading The training ride before the big one.

A great way to motivate yourself.

Today the weather is lovely and sunny but after a dog walk I felt a little tired, not particularly motivated to do a ride. Coronavirus actually made me change my first plan. I thought that I'd boost my enthusiasm if I set a challenge and considered doing 5 laps of my training circuit at Birkacre. … Continue reading A great way to motivate yourself.

Riding the river Yarrow.

Many years ago my mates and I rode with someone who'd never joined us before, for a Tuesday evening ride. We tried some trails I'd found to the west of town and our new companion suggested some additions along the side of the river Yarrow which, I for one, had never seen before. I've wondered … Continue reading Riding the river Yarrow.

Third time lucky.

I believe the saying goes “Third time lucky, third time unlucky” and I’m hoping it’s true. You see, after almost three years without a puncture on the Boardman bike I’ve just had a third in quick succession and hope my minor steak of bad luck is at an end. This time I found the front tyre flat … Continue reading Third time lucky.

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

My title is the opening line of John Keats' poem "To Autumn". It was written on 19th September 1819, 200 years almost to the day! I've always been curious as to why the bicycle took so long to invent and coincidentally the first "Dandy Horses" were appearing at around this time. Dandy horses were propelled … Continue reading Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

Trail riding is fun!

In my last post I mentioned my obsession with speed, or more to the point riding trails quickly. I said I was surprised that so many riders don't seem to bother trying to achieve a fast time even though they are tracking their ride with Strava which will leave the evidence for anyone to see. … Continue reading Trail riding is fun!