Third time lucky.

I believe the saying goes “Third time lucky, third time unlucky” and I’m hoping it’s true. You see, after almost three years without a puncture on the Boardman bike I’ve just had a third in quick succession and hope my minor steak of bad luck is at an end. This time I found the front tyre flat … Continue reading Third time lucky.

Suprised. Shocked, even.

It's Easter Sunday and almost too hot to sit in the sun. something we're not used to in northern England, especially not as early in the year as this. What suprised me next was that when I said "We can't just sit around all day" to my wife, she said "I suppose you want to … Continue reading Suprised. Shocked, even.

A great ride.

It's easy to call a ride great when you ride Great Hill near Chorley in Lancashire. The weather has been amazing. Dry with cloudless skies. This time last year we were enjoying the coldest of springs. I think it broke records. The problem with the weather in northern England is that we often have the … Continue reading A great ride.

Clear blue skies.

Today we've had fantastic weather. Not a cloud in the sky all day. Despite the popular term "April showers" it's not unusual for us to have a good, dry month in April. Before the vegetation grows too high it can be some of the best mountain biking of the year. Today I returned to the … Continue reading Clear blue skies.

Riding back 5,500 years.

My last ride was covered in my post "The World's longest second". It was a frantic and successful attempt to ride a segment in less than 22 minutes and 20 seconds. I beat the time by one second. I thought today that I should do something completely different where time wasn't important. I decided to … Continue reading Riding back 5,500 years.

The World’s longest second.

There are 60 seconds in a minute but I'll explain later why one second of today's ride became massively significant. I've done 3 days gardening this week so I might not have been in the best condition to set any records but I felt driven. Last year I rode up Great Hill and my time … Continue reading The World’s longest second.

Bicycle detective.

I recently acquired the bike pictured above. I hoped it could have some value since I was told it was probably from the 1940s. I didn't pay anything for it. It was just among some blacksmiths tools and equipment that my son was given. He is an apprentice farrier (he shoes horses) and he was … Continue reading Bicycle detective.

Why I’m writing this….


I am a lifelong mountain biker who rarely lacks motivation. I had always ridden bikes off road like most kids but in 1976 I bought a "scrambler" for 70 pence. This was a bike which was dedicated to off road use. In 1977 I added a homemade suspension fork. I used the front suspension units … Continue reading Why I’m writing this….