A voyage of discovery.

I still don’t have the wheels of my Boardman back. The shop was deserted today so I had to chose another bike. My pedals were already fitted to the 25 year old Proflex Attack LE full suspension mountain bike, so it was the obvious choice to ride it again. I’ve been enjoying my time on … Continue reading A voyage of discovery.

Discovering a new trail.

The weather has continued to be wet, which is not the best weather for trying a new trail. On a recent ride I'd noticed a track which, in over 30 years of going to the top of Great Hill, I'd never noticed before. On that occasion I followed it part way from it's rather vague … Continue reading Discovering a new trail.

Exploring by bike.

I used to think that I must know every trail worth riding, if I could ride there from home. In 2015 I met some other riders and rode with them a few times. They knew trails quite near home that I'd never seen before. I've found that Google Earth is a great way to find … Continue reading Exploring by bike.