The training ride before the big one.

I'd planned a ride before my big challenge for the year which is to ride the Mary Towneley Loop. It's 47 miles with 6,500 feet of climbing, almost exclusively off road. So today I did that longer training ride even though I may not be able to do the Mary Towneley in April due to … Continue reading The training ride before the big one.

Things will never be the same again.

Today was too good a day to stay indoors. The sun was shining sporadically early in the morning and by 11 am we had clear blue skies. The rain we've had over the winter was hardly likely to have dried up overnight but my main intention for today's ride was to do some hill climbing and take a look at Healey Nab. I've seen some pictures on Facebook of the tree cutting and wanted to see how it had affected the man made trails. An easy plan was to ride up Great Hill and return via the Nab.

A ride between two storms.

Storm Ciara has departed but will soon be followed by the less exotic sounding storm Dennis. Today was still quite breezy but the sun shone for most of the morning. I took the opportunity to ride today and wanted something to focus on to give the ride more value. Great Hill seemed like a good … Continue reading A ride between two storms.

Climbing to a challenge.

I know "rising to a challenge" would be a more common phrase but because I want to climb around 6,500 feet of ascent on a single ride in a few months time, I need to get plenty of climbing done as training. I watched a YouTube video recently of someone riding downhill from our local … Continue reading Climbing to a challenge.