Back to mountain biking. Life put on hold.

In my last post I explained how life, and more specifically digging a pond, had got in the way of my mountain biking. I’d exhausted myself with digging, which had to be done by hand due to the access difficulties. I was far too tired to ride after a long session of such physical work. … Continue reading Back to mountain biking. Life put on hold.

Returning to the source.

Today I contemplated riding to the Egg Hillock. My last ride was memorable, having made a climb which I hadn't achieved in years. The problem with that was that if I didn't make the tough climb it would all seem like a waste of time. I decided instead to return to the source of our … Continue reading Returning to the source.

Getting high.

I'll admit that I'm seriously addicted to mountain biking. The physical exertion, slight sense of danger and my love of mechanical things make it the perfect sport for me. I spend some time thinking about mountain biking even when I'm not riding and today, whilst walking my dog, Freddie, I had the chance to plan … Continue reading Getting high.

Back to nature.

My last ride, 6 days ago, was 34.5 miles in length and the focus was the 21 miles of purpose built trail at Dalby forest. I enjoyed the ride but felt that the exciting sections were few and far between. Today I thought I needed another longer ride after 6 days. We're also going away … Continue reading Back to nature.

Places from my childhood.

The rain has continued so today I thought it would be good to do a ride with more tarmac and less dirt. I haven't ridden to Hunter's Hill very often on my mountain bike but it was a place I rode as a child and youth. I lived then in Parbold, a village about 12 … Continue reading Places from my childhood.

My friend Mark Turner.

I was out riding my mountain bike on a Sunday in the early summer of 1995. I was at the top of Healey Nab and met 2 other riders, Dave and Tony. After a bit of riding together and chatting they invited me out for a ride the following Tuesday. I turned up at Dave's house … Continue reading My friend Mark Turner.

Our scooter trip to Europe in 2017.

After such a lot of people reading my last post about our scooter trip to Holland and Belgium I thought I may as well post my story of our trip 2 years ago. It was a better trip in just about every way. I'm not sure we'll ever match it. Lancashire Scooterists Western Front Bimble. … Continue reading Our scooter trip to Europe in 2017.

Riding to Belgium…..

On Saturday I'm setting off with 11 other fools on ancient, mainly Italian scooters for a battlefields tour of Belgium and Holland. My own scooter is a relative youngster at 30 years old! Friday may be wet and I'm working tomorrow so today I did a last ride before the trip to Europe. I just … Continue reading Riding to Belgium…..

Psychology and riding.

Cycling is a physical thing, right? Well yes, you need to be able to crank those pedals round but it's not always enough. I haven't been able to ride for 6 days, which is unusual for me but today I had the chance so thought I'd do a trail ride rather than chasing a time … Continue reading Psychology and riding.