The World’s longest second.

There are 60 seconds in a minute but I'll explain later why one second of today's ride became massively significant. I've done 3 days gardening this week so I might not have been in the best condition to set any records but I felt driven. Last year I rode up Great Hill and my time … Continue reading The World’s longest second.

Bicycle detective.

I recently acquired the bike pictured above. I hoped it could have some value since I was told it was probably from the 1940s. I didn't pay anything for it. It was just among some blacksmiths tools and equipment that my son was given. He is an apprentice farrier (he shoes horses) and he was … Continue reading Bicycle detective.

The future of mountain biking…..

I rode Birkacre today and did 4 laps of a figure of 8 shaped circuit but what does this have to do with the future of mountain biking? I'll start with a short history lesson about Birkacre. In 1779 a cotton mill had been established here by Richard Arkwright and his associates. It used a … Continue reading The future of mountain biking…..