A sensible ride!

It rained quite heavily last night, washing away the remnants of the snow at home. After the horrible trail conditions on my last ride it seemed prudent to do a road ride and not allow myself to be tempted onto the dirt. I wanted the ride to have some training value so a hilly route … Continue reading A sensible ride!

Not worth riding?

There have been few times in my entire mountain biking life when, after a ride, I've thought that it hadn't been worth getting out. After almost a fortnight with snow on the ground the temperature has now risen causing the remnants of the snow to turn to a mixture of slush and hard, compacted ice … Continue reading Not worth riding?

You need the right type of snow.

I wasn't impressed on my last ride. It had snowed but the snow was melting in places and forming ice in others. It wasn't cold enough to freeze the thick mud and I didn't enjoy the unpredictable trail conditions. I was aware that what I really needed was no snow at all or more snow … Continue reading You need the right type of snow.

Is it worth riding in ice and snow?

After 4 days without a ride I was eager to get out today. The problem was that I'd woken yesterday to a snow shower which had left a thin covering. We walked our dog, Freddie, and I think it may have been the first time in his three and a half years that he's experienced … Continue reading Is it worth riding in ice and snow?

Feeling hopeful.

I was doubly hopeful about my riding, today. Firstly, I was taking a new route up Healey Nab, to add some interest. Secondly, it was frosty this morning. The weather forecast informs us that we can expect up to a week of cold but dry weather. That's a treat, at this time of year. I … Continue reading Feeling hopeful.