Back to training.

My last few rides have been trail rides where I've had an objective to reach and return from, rather than a structured training ride. I don't want to allow my improved fitness to diminish so today I decided on a ride with a structured training element. I'd ride to Brinscall Woods and do 10 laps … Continue reading Back to training.

Do you always need a reason to ride?

I'll also be featuring a picture of weed growing at the side of the trail! Today I had time to ride but where and for what purpose? The rain early in the morning was biblical but by midday the roads were dry, due, I'm sure to the strong breeze. I knew the trail would still … Continue reading Do you always need a reason to ride?

Never too old to learn!

It's funny how you learn things throughout your life. We, as a species, seem to have a thirst for knowing more which never leaves us whilst our minds are still healthy. Today I learned a few things on my mountain bike ride, some good and some less appealing! We've had showers since Monday afternoon but … Continue reading Never too old to learn!