Times they are a changing.

No, I'm not a Bob Dylan fan either. But things are certainly going to change in my mountain biking life. This morning started dry but was scheduled to get wetter later so I took the decision to get out early. Just a quick ride around Healey Nab because I knew it would be all rideable. … Continue reading Times they are a changing.

Is spring in the air?

I’ve noticed quite a few plants are starting to poke their heads above the surface in our garden and yet it doesn’t feel like we’ve had winter so far. The rain has continued, though today has been sunny at times. The wind has also dried the surface in the open but so much local riding … Continue reading Is spring in the air?

A glorious autumn day but I’ve heard something tragic.

A short period of better weather is quite a treat at this time of year. The trails are very muddy but in England we ride anything! I took the mainly off road route to the north side of Healey Nab and had already ridden for 23 minutes when I took 2 of the photographs in … Continue reading A glorious autumn day but I’ve heard something tragic.