All year round riding.

In England we tend to ride all year round. I’m sure plenty of riders only go out when it’s dry but if you’re dedicated you’ll find you have little choice but to ride in wet, cold and muddy conditions. Years ago I soon found that you need to be a lot more selective about whereContinue reading “All year round riding.”

Healey Nab video.

I ride down the red graded trail of Healey Nab very often. It’s usually the best route home from Rivington or Great Hill and I also like to session the trail, riding 3 to 5 laps, which each take around 12 minutes. Here is about half of the ride down borrowed from a Facebook post.Continue reading “Healey Nab video.”

Mountain bike paradise.

Within a reasonable riding distance of my house, most riders would say that the closest to an MTB paradise is the area around Winter Hill, which is often referred to as Rivington, after the small village at the foot of the hill. To the north of Winter Hill you can do a high level route toContinue reading “Mountain bike paradise.”