Looking to the future.

Having tried to achieve the 2 mountain biking targets which I'd set myself in January this year I just about made one, the climb to the top of Great Hill and back in less than 22 minutes 19 seconds. I achieved exactly that time according to the app. Strava but consider I succeeded because my … Continue reading Looking to the future.

The Mary Towneley Loop, ridden and reviewed.

My biggest mountain bike target for this year has been to ride the 47 mile Mary Towneley Loop. It's almost all off road so the distance alone is a challenge but the difficulty is vastly compounded by 6,500 feet of ascent and descent in the circuit. I was unable to ride it in April due … Continue reading The Mary Towneley Loop, ridden and reviewed.

Last ride before the big one.

I've been planning to ride the 47 mile Mary Towneley Loop since the beginning of the year. My hope was to do it in April, when the weather was amazingly dry, but the Coronavirus lockdown prevented me. The weather was too wet at the end of August, when I last had a chance but this … Continue reading Last ride before the big one.

Disappointed hopes.

The weather forecast for this Friday has deteriorated in the last week. From expecting a decent day a week ago it now seems certain that we'll get a day of heavy rain. Everything else was in place for me to take on one of the 2 challenges I'd set myself for this year, to ride … Continue reading Disappointed hopes.

Preparing for the big one.

I'm hoping to ride the Mary Towneley Loop a week on Friday. It's a 47 mile circuit with 6,500 feet of climbing and is almost all off road. Before then my wife and I are visiting our son 270 miles away in Sussex where I might get a ride in. I'll return next Monday, six … Continue reading Preparing for the big one.

Wet weather trail riding.

It didn't rain today but trail conditions are very wet. It's just, for me, a question of accepting that fact then thinking of a ride that will still be enjoyable. Too many rocks and roots could be dangerous and too much mud is unlikely to be much fun, so today I decided to ride a … Continue reading Wet weather trail riding.